Monday Punk News #3

The Mahones au anuntat pentru 2010 , cu ocazia implinirii a 20 de ani de activitate lansarea unui covers album tribute, incluzand cele mai cunoscute hit-uri ale trupei.

trupe confirmate pana acum:

1. Across The USA – The Roughneck Riot (England)
2. The Streets Of New York – The Ryan Brothers (Canada)
3. Shake Hands With The Devil – Bloody Irish Boys (USA)
4.Take Me Back – Brutus Daughters (Spain)
5. Down The Boozer – The Vandon Arms (USA)
6. London – Paul-Ronney Angel of The Urban Voodoo Machine (England)
7. Paint The Town Red – Bastards On Parade (Spain)
8. Whiskey Devils – Pladdohg (USA)
9. There She Goes – Black Friday (England)
10. Queen and Tequila – The Hit The Bottle Boys (USA)
11. Take No Prisoners – The Drink Hunters (Spain)
12. Is This Bar Open ‘Til Tommorrow – Drunken Dru Band (Canada)
13. Girl With Galway Eyes – The Legendary Mark Gilligan (Ireland)
14. Drunken Lazy Bastard – Special Surprise Guests !!!!

trupe ce urmeaza a confirma:

A Drunken Night In Dublin – The Gobshites (USA)
Rise Again – The Peelers (Canada)
Cocktail Blue – Aaron Chapman (Canada)
Back Home – Paddy McCallion (Canada)
One Last Shot – Keg (USA)Drunken Lazy Bastard remix – Dom The Bomb (Canada)

de asemenea trupa a anuntat playlist-ul noului album BLACK IRISH ce urmeaza a fi lansat vara aceasta

1. A Great Night On The Lash  2. The Girl With Galway Eyes  3. Give It All Ya Got (or Forget About It) 4. The Wild Rover feat. Psycho Dave5. Lord Of The Dirty Hordes  6. The Blood Is On Your Hands  7. A Pain From Yesterday  8. Whiskey Under The Bridge  9. Ghost Of A Whiskey Devil  10. Hammer In A Bag  11. The DKM Took Paddy Away  12. Song For The Fallen

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