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Flix Records is a label located in Germany/Austria check them out at: FLIX WEB PAGE


“Dude Trips” is an album that will make you jump and bang your head from the very first note. Punk-rock made in 1990, for angry kids, for those who have had enough of conforming to rules, for those who have something to say. Clean punk-rock, as it’s only supposed to be. 10 songs that will make you stand up from your seat in a jump! This is an album that treats themes like relationships, parties, society or friendship with irony. An album full of the “fuck you, we don’t need you” attitude. Angry riffs and a hoarse voice, lyrics that sting, a lot of punk, a successful return to the ‘90s. An album that deserves to be listened to at parties, among friends, for dancing and good mood. I like it and surely recommend it… The guys will go a long way. We just hope they won’t show up on MTV. Otherwise, we won’t like them anymore. Good luck!

web Bangers


“Sailing To Nowhere” is the name of the album from the band Fast Motion. It has 7 genuine hardcore/punk songs. Although I learned French in school, it’s good that Fast Motion don’t sing in french, or I wouldn’t understand a thing! The songs are fast and angry, minus one, which is a little more melodic (although still fast) and full of emotions: Fathers and Son. If you like Bad Religion, Pennywise or Strike Anywhere, you will surely add Fast Motion to your playlist. This is an album that must be listened at maximum volume, to disturb the neighbours. My favourite song: “Tookie”.

web Fast Motion


Nice and melodic. These are the two words that come to one’s mind when it comes to The Static Age. I admit, I don’t usually listen to this sort of bands. they don’t smash their guitars, they don’t have catchy angry choruses… though, I totally recommend them. A wise mix of alternative and punk makes you listen to the album once, and then once again. This band reminds you of AFI, or, at least a little, of The Cure. 6 songs that will make you love these guys. They really play music, and you can feel that. I recommend “Daughters and Sons”.

web The Static Age


A new year for these Philadelphia boys: a new album, a tour in Europe with Bangers, and a lot of surprises. A youthful punk with just a tiny influence of hardcore, for the fans of Gaslight Anthem, Lawrence Arms or Bouncing Souls. 12 songs that will make you move, with influences spanning from punk to rock’n’roll. These songs are very catchy, but not commercial, as Dirty Tactics can not be commercial. This album has it all: there are times when you feel like jumping off of your chair, and there are quiet, peaceful moments (“Train Song”). It is an album worth listening, even if you wear Vans, or a Superman t-shirt. My favourite:  “Side Of The Road”.

web Dirty Tactics


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