HWS-Walkin Under Streetlights

HWS’s (Germany) Walkin Under  Streetlights album contains 13 amazing songs, the type of punk that will make you get off your seat and raise your fist in the air. This album must be listened to among friends while drinking a beer because this is what it’s all about: friendship, unity and respect. It’s a soundtrack for life as it is: with its ups and its downs. It is an optimistic album but also a furious, fast and a melodic one, a proof that clean punk-rock still exists.

About the band itself I can tell you that it was formed in 2001 and so far they sang along names like : Far From Finished, The Briggs and Streetdogs.

If you haven’t listened to punk rock in a while then that is just another good reason to get your hands on Walkin Under  Streetlights.

I give them 10+ and a beer oh…a vodka sorry. Pure madness!!!

also don’t forget to check them out HERE


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