Interviu BANGERS

Vin din UK, canta punk si ar face un imn pentru regina Angliei, s-au intors dintr-un turneu sustinut in Romania, unde au avut cateva show-uri bestiale. Despre turneul alaturi de Dirty Tactics, planuri si altele am vorbit cu Roo solistul celor de la Bangers. Enjoy!

Hey guys. How‘s going?
Pretty well thankyou. I’m (Roo – guitar and vocals) currently sitting in a youth centre in Herrensburg near Stuttgart, Germany with two days left of our tour with Dirty Tactics. We only have an hour or so to drive today so I’m thinking about going swimming before we leave.

You came from Dirty Tactics tour,how was it?
LONG. Before this tour the longest we’d ever toured for was about 10 days, so 7 weeks is a completely different animal. Everyone is missing home like crazy, and looking forward to all of the inevitable money/house problems involved in running away from the real world for a month and a half. The shows have been very mixed; some were awesome, some were terrible. Such is any tour when you visit drastically new ground, and we’ve definitely met some people that I’m looking forward to seeing again in the future. Overall an expensive success.

Have you enjoyed the Romanian concerts?
Definitely. We hooked up with Schlitz for most of the Romanian dates which was really cool as those guys are very fun and a great band. We also so our friends in Rush ‘n Attack which was very soothing. I can safely say that Cluj in the Booha bar was one of the top 5 shows on the tour, and I was sober that night. I’ve heard stories about flaming shots from way after I went to bed.

You have many split cd’s with other bands and an album,Dude Trips,what’s coming up next?
Dude Trips is actually a CD collection of all of our music which we previously released on vinyl, so not exactly an album. But I guess it is more or less. We juggled the songs around a bit to try and make it coherent, so maybe it does count. Anyway; coming up next we’re working on a ‘proper’ album, and in my head we’re almost half way there. We’ve been playing one and a half new songs on this tour, and we demoed a few before we came away, but I write lyrics very slowly. Hopefully we’ll get to record it before the end of the year.

If you were to choose 3 things to carry on a desert island which would  those be ?
A machete, a loincloth, and an endless supply of rum.

Tell me 3 bands which influenced you.
The Alkaline Trio, Challenger, Fifth Hour Hero.

Haven’t you thought of making a song for the queen?
It has never occurred to me. Most of our songs are about people we know and things that have happened to us, and I’ve never met the Queen. in fact she did visit my university while I was trying to finish an essay and the entire library got closed down for most of the day, but that’s the closest proximity I’ve ever had to her. Not really song-worthy.

Today the internet is a big source of promoting underground  scene,but piracy is a risk of it,what do you think about this fact?
I know that opinions differ greatly on this, but I’m all in favour of downloading music and copying (pirating) music for your friends. Recently we put Dude Trips up on the internet for free download with an option to donate and the response was awesome. I was quite surprised that so many people would actually donate money to us when they could get the record for free. Suckers.

Until coming to Romania what did you know about us?
We’ve talked about this a lot over the past couple of weeks. None of us had ever been to Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia or Slovakia (actually border police did take all of my money on the Slovakian border once, but that was with a different band, and we didn’t actually stop in Slovakia) and we definitely had some worries about our van etc. Which turned out to be complete bullshit from our perspective. Maybe because we were hanging around mainly at punk rock shows where people are famously lovely… But I think that when people talk about different countries they’ve visited they tend to highlight the differences between everything rather than the similarities. They always leave out the parts about people just being people everywhere, and meeting people who grew up listening to more or less the same kind of music, and playing the same computer games as they did.
Oh, and I read Dracula in preparation for visiting Transylvania, but was disappointed to find that most of it took place in London so it didn’t really teach me anything. And I sadly didn’t see any wolves or bears.

Thanks for the interview,if you have something to add please do.

Thanks very much for the interview, I’m sorry it’s a bit rambling. We’re coming back to the mainland in September with our very good friends The Arteries who are incredibly awesome, but we’re not going to make it as far as Romania. Hopefully we’ll get to come back next summer. The guys from Schlitz promised to take me to see Dracula’s castle and feed me Romanian moonshine.

Mircea vs Bangers – july 2010

all photos: Bangers myspace


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