Faintest Idea / The Kirkz promo cd’s

Faintest Idea-Ignorance Is This
Ignorance is This is Faintest Idea’s second album and it’s a fresh new product by TNS Records. If you want to get an idea about Faintest Idea, imagine The Specials meeting The Filaments. The end result is a mixture of two tone ska with fast punk, angry, energetic and even with some hard core elements included. This album will make your blood run faster.  It’s the perfect 10 song dose for those who want o skank all night.

It’s filled with adrenaline combined with ironic lyrics. Personally I think the whole album is bad ass but if I were to pick a favorite song that would be Bully Boy, a perfect satire for the rich, filthy, fat guy who has everything without having to move not even one finger.
The social political message varies from song to song :
An antinationalist message (Criminals), a banter of the civilized West (Western World), a drop of optimism (Broken Record), human ignorance (Fighting For Progress), an unpromising future (Dead Future) all stand to prove that this album should be listened to with the volume turned to the maximum.

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The Kirkz-Agroculture

The Kirkz is a punk band formed in the UK somewhere in 1988 and Agroculture is their latest work. It keeps the same elements used in their  first album (Over the Top), the same energetic and fast rhythm, a strong mix of punk and hard core which will remind you of the first albums of bands like Rancid, Anti Flag and Bad Religion.
The album itself is the band’s way of drawing attention to a  social and political manifest. The themes vary from liberty to terror and media’s ability to control the masses in songs like State Of Fear, Blank Cheques, Enemies or Zombie Nation. 12 songs  full of energy which will make you raise your fist in air.

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