Ska Mutiny Records presents:

Ska Munity is a Britain based label which has just launched a split bomb of an Ep with 3 other bands: Kickback UK, Joe Terrifying, The Best of The Worst. A mix of ska, metal and hardcore from first to last song. Explosive, fast and with trumpets, worthy of your interest.

Joey Terrifying were formed in 2008 in the UK having sang in more than 100 shows. Their music combines ska with hard core and punk and with its already launched EP the band has a lot in store for us.

Kickback UK is an older acquaintance of ours considering the review of their album Preserving With Positivity, which sounds like a good combination between Less Than Jake and Strike Anywhere.

The Best from The Worst come from U.S.A., from New Jersey to be more precise. The band did a noble gesture and uploaded its music on free of charge so all you have to do is click and enjoy. Their work combines ska, punk and of course hard core with a female vocalist and the amazing sounds of the trombone. (uuuuuuhhhh yeeaahh)

3 bands, an awesome split cd and skacore at its maximum level.


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