Interview: BOIs With Boots-Bulgaria

Fire Club şi Anopsia Radio & Booking, cu sprijinul ACUM!, prezintă, în data de 2 septembrie, un concert pentru toţi iubitorii de muzică punk, de la punk rock tânăr şi melodios până la streetpunk-ul şi Oi!-ul venite direct din cartierele muncitoreşti estice dar şi occidentale! Headlinerii Forbidden Kings (Germania) sunt pentru a doua oară în România, dar va fi prima dată când vor zgudui subsolurile unui club bucureştean cu riff-urile lor puternic influenţate de hardcore şi rock’n’roll. Boi!s With Boots (Bulgaria) revin la noi în ţară după aproape trei ani, aducând un Oi!/streetpunk cu mesaj social puternic ancorat în zona noastră geografică. În deschidere vor cânta trupele de punk rock Nipel Twist (Israel) şi White Stain (Slovenia). Intrarea în valoare de 20 de lei include o revistă de muzică punk cu CD! Vă aşteptăm cu mic cu mare!  sursa:

Mai jos puteti citi un interviu cu BOIs with Boots despre muzica, fotbal si castraveti murati

MPTY ZINE:  Hello Boys, how are you?

Fine,thank you

For those who don’t know you can you tell some words about you guys?

Hi,we`re Boi!s with boots from Varna, Bulgaria.We strated playing punk Oi! in 1999,but we our first concert was in 2003.We`re still playing mostly in Bulgaria.We`re not going to tell you about the line up,becouse you`re going to read just a  long list of names,that don`t mean anything to you.For all those years a lot of people played with the group,and it leaves a mark in any one of us haha some ones evan have a mark of a boot on theyr asses.
You have been in Romania with Scandal…on September 2nd you come again. How was then and what do you expect now?

Like i said earlier we mostly play in Bulgaria.For the first time out side the country we played in Romania in Craiova.For us that was something big,becouse we didn`t knew what to expect and how the romanian public was going to react.But after all we were surprised and we didn`t expected such a good concert.Cheers to Vlad and Antonia for inviting us.Now on the 2nd we don`t know what to expect again.Bucurest is a big city with loads of different people,with a lot of punks skins and hardcore kids.We hope everyone to like us becouse we play  for everyone.
Are you working on something new?

We`re always working on new songs,but the big problem in Bulgaria,i supose in Romania too,is the recording and the producing.If you don`t have a rich mommy or daddy you can release a CD very hard.For all those years we have 1 album with 10 songs,from the period 1999-2005.We have a lot of unrecorded songs.We hope that this winter we`ll record everything and to leave 2 more albums in our history.

How does the situation present in Varna; i know you had some nice bands … how is it now?

For now the scene is nearly dead.We have a lot of problems with the city goverment.The bastards close down our clubs,and there isn`t a place for a big concert in the city.The bands play in small clubs for no more than 100 people. Before the situation was different.The bands used to fill out the hall of ‘Orbit’ (it`s a Youth home).The 90s were strong.There used to be bands like ‘Confront’,’Abort’ and many more who left a strong mark in the kids all around the country. In the moment bands from the 90s which still play are Indignity,Another day,also Abort made a reunion and now they play with us. And the new punk band is ‘The shits’ they`re real good shits haha

How often do you eat pickles?

Haha „verry funny” We eat pickles when we drink rakia.

Tell me a funny story happened on drinking. of the  funniest drunk stories has a connection with Romania. After the concert in Craiova everyone was so drunk becouse we brought mastika and other traditional drink from Bulgaria and we drinked romanian rakia and wine and other stuff. We started packing our stuff and every one of us went back in the club about 3 times to check if we forgot something.And the result was our 5 meter flag that was on the wall,becose we forgot it.We figured that out in Bulgaria.We want to thank teh guys from Craiova for bringign the flag back in Varna.

P.S. on the 2nd we won`t take the flag

How it looks good to an oi band you should be football fans … so: which football team do you like? and for what team would you like to make a hymn?

Of corse everyone of us supports a football team.Most of the guys support Spartak Varna.I personally support Levski Sofia and many of our friends support Black Sea FC ,for that reason we don`t want to make a hymn for any football club. But i think that deffinatly everybody hates CSKA Sofia.
I noticed a lack of concerts, has the world forgot about the good music?

.I don`t know.There rally is a lack of concerts in Bulgaria.I don`t know why.Maybe the kids aren`t that interested in the local music,becouse the download everything and they think they know everything.But i don`t think that they realise that in that way they`re killing the scene.Before,when the computers were only in small halls in the center of the city,the only way to understand about the punk oi! and hardcore music was to go to a concert,to give eachother tapes.

Choose an oi/punk band that you want to work with on a split CD and a band that you want to sing with.

Everyone of us has a favourite band that he wants to play with,but we want to play with every band.We hope on november we`ll play with The Gonads in Varna.But we`re still not sure.We would make a split with every Oi! band.Personally i would like to make a split with Templars.
Thank you for the interview, see you „safely” in September and don’t forget you must stand with the drinks.

Thank you for the interest.We`ll see each other in september.As for the drinking  we`ll do it the best way we can

Mircea vs. BOIs With Boots – august 2010

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