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Bootscraper-Country and Eastern

Since Bootscraper’s first audition I was pleasantly surprised, seriously. These guys have everything: from accordion to mandolin, guitar, drums and banjo…

Bootscraper are seven musicians united in Leeds somewhere in 2008, and COuntry and Eastern is their first album after the „self titled” EP in 2008. The band has a lot of influences going from Balkan folk music and contry to metal and punk and of course Sailor Jerry’s rum.

Their music is cheerful, optimistic and it will make you get up from your chair and dance or chink a glass of rum with your friends on a Friday night (and beyond).

11 sensational tracks which we recommend for any party, a great artwork, a debut that deserves all the attention, definitely a band to be heard “overseas”.

Favorite song: The Sundown Kid

The Dangerous Aces-Deny All Responsibility

Deny All Responsibility is the first album from Dangerous Aces, UK. 10 streetpunk tracks with some rocknroll influential, full of energy that will make your blood pump. If you want to make an idea on how these boys sound like, imagine a combination between Cock Sparrer, Rancid, The Clash, The Cramps or UK Subs, just to name a few.

These guys are full of anger, fast and certainly not ment to please parents and teachers from school.

If you’re a punker, skinhead, rudeboy, psycho, skater or simply just a music lover … this album is for you, as the band says. If you are tired of bands with catchy refrains and hairspray hairstyles and cool dressed, I highly recommend this album and  we give them an 8 for this album.

Favorite song: Ain’t lookin for a fight.

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Thanks to Bev and Andy

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