Talco-La Cretina Commedia 2010

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Talco-La Cretina Commedia -Destiny Records 2010

Two years had passed and Talco comes back with new forces, two years we waited for this guys to bring out something new and in august 20 they released at Destiny Records the album LA CRETINA COMMEDIA.
The album doesn’t bring nothing different in sound , the same combination of italian folk, punk, ska… one style
which the band named Combat Ska.
There are 13 songs and you will not have time to rest , an album full of rage, ambition, quickness and melodiously.
this album it’s about the life in general, about politics , fight and hope.
Talco dedicates this album in all in memoriam of Giuseppe Impasato ( killed by the italian mafia as a consequence
of his join to the socialist ruling party from Italy and because of some activities against the sicilian mafia).
One of the few bands that i don’t get tired to listen and which has a lot to say for sure, though my favorite
remains Combat Circus from 2006 . I give them 10+


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