Interviu: La Ghenga Del Fil Di Ferro

Vin din Italia, canta punk ,  mananca pizza, au facut cover dupa You’ll Never Walk Alone, sunt baieti de treaba si ne intalnim cu ei pe 27 octombrie alaturi de Manifestation, Rock n Ghena si Coercion in Heavens Hell Pub din Constanta…enjoy!

MPTY ZINE: Hey Giuli.What‘s up ?

Ciao Mircea!!! I only now succeed to answer to your interview.sorry for the delay I hope to you not to have kept waiting a lot!

For the ones that don’t know you,tell us a few words about you.

Our punkrock band was born in the first months of 2004 from the ashes of two formations Lucchesi: Coma x n and Resistenza. From 6 years in this part we had the pleasure of ploughing through many stages of the whole Italian territory, sharing experiences and emotions. Six years during which we have excellent relations with various reality self and groups which, as we are united by a passion for the good punk rock and antiracism. In the most of the 100 concerts that we have seen involved until Today, we have had immense pleasure to share the stage with bands of great thickness as the ffd, linea, Los fastidios,  Red union, Unseen, The real McKenzies and many others; during the month of February we have given the light on our second album.

Where did you get this long name from and what does it mean?

There was then an old of a small country of our campaigns that before dying adored call us in this way: la ghenga del fil di ferro letterally means „the iron wire gang”

You  launched this year the second material Telestroika ,are you satisfied with the result? was it well promoted? people buy it?

Regarding our intense activities precedence “Telestroika” it succeeds to hit in the scratching sign of a sound more energetic and.
Directly composing in room tests in single very instinctive way and adding modifications in second moment, we are accustomed to collect what semignamo without to become before account of like it could then be the final result; wanting to be sincere some pieces have not entusiasmato us to their listen on CD and for this we have decided not to insert them in our concerts.
However we are satisfied of the optimal book reviews that our last album have produced until now .

Speaking of promotion I know  you  have also  Toscana Punk Rock…you organize concerts and you have released two compilations, if I’m not ‘s going?

Tuscana Punk rock is born in 2006 in order to group orbiting groups in the kind Punk rock in Tuscany in a diy compilation without scopes of I make a profit, but with purpose of aggregation; the following year, moreover, exited the second edition, with an other compilation.
Afterwards Punk Royal is risen, a name that above all marks of the evenings to topic but a group of friends that has carried in our small and bigot city groups from the several shadings (punk, hard Core, ska, street punk, crust, oi).
In last the 2 years thanks to these plans they are alternated on the theater box of the Brùton, distant birrificio little km from the center of Lucca, punkbands coming from all the globe, here some of their names: UK Subs, Raw power, The Unseen, Left alone, Radio dead ones, Nabat, Red ska, Pavilionul 32 (from Timisoara, Rumania), Los fastidios, Total chaos, Funeral dress, The restarts, Vice squad, Real McKenzies and many others.

If someone would invite you to sing in San Remo would you accept?

How many million euros are you offering?: )

I saw you have a cover  after FC Liverpool anthem..are you supporters? if so which are your favorite teams?

You’ll never walk alone is the greatest football anthem ever,We do love good football  but none of us follows a team

How much pizza and how many spaghetti eats an Italian daily?

I don’t know.

Your coming in autumn in Constanta..what do you expect from the public?do you want hula-hula girls and a red carpet at the airport?

Happy and excited by the idea to sound in Rumania; 27 October we will sound to Constanta to the Heavens Hell club and will open the concert of an optimal hardcore group, Manifestation from  Germany.
Regarding the acceptance to the aereoporto, a limousine can be enough ; )

You have a lot of good bands in Italy and I love italian punk,how’s the scene there today?

I do not want to be stopped on critics, appreciations or defects therefore I limit myself to spread a directory
trying to second photograph my senzazioni and experiences to you the current Italian scene.
Beyond the hundreds of bands that every day are born and die, beyond the presumption of label blinded by the dream to reach the popolarità of the “colleagues” Americans.
the most valid groups exist like:Because the bean, Malavida, Solecismi pedestri, Linea, Guacamaya, Nowhiterag, One trax minds, The Crooks, Gerson, Gavroche, Totale apatia, The Wetdogs, Dcp, Red ska, Water tower, Uguaglianza, Boxing dogs, Total revenge.
They are always on the scene with behind many years of activity, some between which become cult band or “punk legend”:  Raw power, Klaxon, , Punkreas, Atarassia Grop, Skruigners, Rotten Boi!s, ffd, Reazione, Nabat,, Rappresaglia,Klasse kriminale, The Gang, Impact, Bloody riot.
Names that receive details attentions also outside from the Italian borders: Los Fastidios, Talco, Payback, Bull Brigade, Band Bassotti,
Directly from the Tuscany: Attitude, Piscio blood, Agitazione, Access denied, Basta, Carlos dunga, Alfatec, Manovalanza, Chromosomes, Proton packs
Also our city has its worthy representation: New real disaster, The Mushroom, Nido di vespe, Bullet proof, Banana Revolver , Nothing 4, Devastator.
Interesting truths do not lack that maintain to the spirit diy like the United we stand Live Production and Promotion of Events in active collaboration with various equally independent truths in alternative musical within.
Slid 29 May the punx Italian they have had the fortune of being able to assist to the mythical Rebellion festival and of sure it has been the better event to which I have been able to assist this year

Any new stuff coming up next?

Least we have written and composed a new piece from the title “lo spirito continua”, in more we are reproposing in our room tests and some times live “intolleranza” contained song in ours demo CD dated 2006; the idea would be that to record a ep around to April/May 2011

Thanks for the interview.See you on october 27 in Constanta at a super show.If you have something to add please do.

Thanks with pleasure to you Mircea, have been a pleasure to answer to your interview and it will be still more for we to see published it on Mptyzine
A fort embrace to you and all the readers we see 27 Wednesdays October at Heaven’s Hell in Constanta!

Mircea vs Giuli september 2010

thanks to La Ghenga Del Fil Di Ferro, Toscana Punk Rock Crew and cheers to you!

listen the band here CLICK


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