Il Disagio – Il Prezzo Dell’Anima

Hanged Man Records presents Il Prezzo Dell’Anima,the new album of the bad boys from Cagliari(Sarinia), Il Disagio.The album consist of 8 soundtracks(5 in English and 3 in italian).It’s fast,furious,hard and positive.It must be listened at high volume.The band formed in 2003 in Cagliari and became a well known band in the Italian underground.The album was launched at Hanged Man Records on the 13th of September 2010 and would certainly receive a positive feedback.A combination of hardcore, thrash and punk like: Discharge, Paintrue, Negazione or Wolfbrigade.The message of the band is a sociopolitical one,against police abuse(song Cops),human ignorance,violence and war(song Child Soldier).I admit that I’m not a big fan of the thrash/punk music but this guys  surprised me in a good way,that’s why I decided to promote them.The band had many shows all over Europe and they prepare for a new tour this month.Mark 8. My personal favorite song: Stay Positive.

1. Child Soldier
2. Stay Positive
3. Lies
4. In On My Way
5. Materialismo
6. Cops
7. Matrice Individualista
8. Il Prezzo Dell’Anima


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