Perkele-Perkele Forever – 2010

Perkele has finally released Perkele Forever. This is the latest album by the swedish band, recently released by Bandworm Records. Perkele Forever is following up, after 2 years, Längtan. 10 all new oi songs, diversely influenced, varying from punk to rock’n roll, in the very same style that made them famous. I could say that this album is a little similar to the one they released in 2004, Stories From The Past (my favorite album, by the way). The songs are very melodic, accompanied by piano, violine or mandoline, the choruses are catchy, and Ron’s voice does not disappoint on this album either. Attitude (Punk Rock Army, Me, Waste Of Time), friendship and unity (Always coming back, Forever) are the themes that Ron works with on this album.
I give this album a 9/10 and I recommend it!
Favorites: Always Coming back , Diamonds.

101% pure oi!


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