Interviu: Brutti E Ignoranti

I-am ascultat pe baieti acum ceva timp si mi-au placut foarte mult, acum doua saptamani m-au intrebat daca nu vreau sa facem un interviu…oi in purul stil al anilor ’80 cu ceva influente de punk, enjoy!

Scarbit de asa zisa scena de la noi si de anumite personaje care nu isi mai incap in piele, care ma tot fut la cap cu trupele lor „experimentale”, satul de acele enciclopedii muzicale de wikipedia cu cd-urile in mp3. HAI SICTIR, ascultati aici o trupa care va da peste nas.

Oi!How are you guys?
I answer with a sentence of one of our songs „We are always sick but we never go to hospital, our only medicine is draught beer”

For the ones that haven’t seen you on MTV..tell us a few words about you.
As our name says we are four ugly and ignorant men, we live in the suburbs of Milan, we like drinking liters of  beer and doing nothing from dawn to sunset, we hate working class and all the rethoric about working class skinheads, working makes us sick and if we can make money in other ways with some swindles or something similar we avoid to work

Alla Faccia Vostra album has been launched by Pull The Trigger Records,how do you feel about having an album already?Have you got enough money for a trip to Hoolywood?
No, our cd has been coproduced by many small labels and not just PTT Records, we found money for recording by swindling people selling them sugar and telling them it was cocaine (this really happened) and stealing amplifiers in recording halls (this is also true)…so if one day we will make enough money with a big swindle you may see us playing at hollywood….we tought about cheating a insurance by cutting a leg of one of us with a chainsaw so he would have taken disability money for life and a refund of thousands and thousands of euros, but the napolitans masters of swindles already tried it and one went to prison and the other back to our Creator….they are our idols anyway!!! The only solution we have left is putting our mothers or sisters on the road…..

I know many oi/punk bands from Italy.You have a powerful scene out there.Tell me please a few words about what’s happening in Milan
As Guastafeste, a historical punk/oi! band from Milan sang, Milano is very nice if you want to kill yourself….scene in Milan has completely whored, there are only nazis on the streets now, in the last years they grew so much to become hundreds and hundreds, life here has become really hard, but we try to carry on among troubles and problems anyway….never surrender!!

Do you prepare something for the near future?
You can count on that….a new work we are finishing these days is going to come out very soon, it will be a big surprise for everyone, stay tuned!

Your sound is the classic oi from the 80’s combined with a bit of punk..which were the bands that influenced you?
Well, we can say all the punk and oi bands from the 80’s, english ones most of all, it’s usless to quote them again because you altrady know them…anyway what inspires us the most are punk and oi! bands from the 80’s, rough angry and with fun attitude

Klasse Kriminale or Los Fastidios?
Neither one nor the other…NFR and Billy Boy

I saw that for the moment you haven’t got any concerts…
The reason why we are not playing around is because, as I told you before, we are working on a very big release which will come out in a very short time….

Do you know anything about the romanian punk scene?A band for example?
To be true I know nothing about romanian scene even because we never had the pleasure to visit your land…maybe one day we will play there, we would like to, so if someone wants to set us a gig he can contact us!

Thank you for the interview.If you want to add a final word please do.
If some wet pussy wants to contact us for a brimstone and fire night with us she can contact us at oyr myspace , no transexual please

thanks to Brutti E Ignoranti, Pull The Trigger Records


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