FTW Rise Of The Anarchy March by Russ Lippitt

Russ Lippitt – FTW Rise Of The Anarchy March – 2010 by Ravenhawk Books


It’s gonna be hard to fight the system, the people, the old mentality but it’s worth trying, because if you give up, how can you look yourself in the mirror? We’re somewhere in 2059 and media corporations have the ultimate power while doing everything to manipulate the people, the politicians fight for absolute control and the entire world is full of hatred, malice and selfishness. In this terrible context we get to know the young soldier Doyle, an optimist hero, a fighter who tries to live free. In fact, the main subject of this novel is Freedom, in all its beauty. Despite all the obstacles, Doyle tries to stop the hatred, the thrist for power that makes everyone forget about the common sense and the humanity. For those who own the power, the world is a beautiful place, with wonderful spots where you can spend your holidays in the sun, without any worries.

For „the others”, the world is a real nightmare, where they are living without joyfulness and where the hope of freedom is shattered and the concept of „dream” doesn’t exist.

FTW Rise Of The Anarchy March doesn’t show you a colourful and beautiful world, it shows the exact opposite, the ugly part of the world, where everyday is lived as if it were the last. A book worth reading and which will certainly give you a little optimism and some backbone. If you have read „Lion’s Share” and met Billy, you are surely going to love this book.

The horrors of war, the greed and the hatred, the new world order and obedience are not only a sequences of words, they do exist in reality. What would you do if you should wake up one morning and fight for what you believe in? Could you do it?

Russ Lippitt was born in 1977 in New Jersey and began writing since High School, finding refuge in the world of books. Among his influences you can find writers like Charles Bukowski and Howard Zinn. He lives in LA now, where he’s working on some interesting projects that we’re anxiously waiting to see.


Don’t walk away from the problems. It dosen’t matter if you take a step to the left or to the right; only the direction away from each other matters and divided we fall, divided we fail…

Russ Lippitt – photo by: Dave Deluxe


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