Out For Revenge

Out For Revenge it’s one of the bands which must be listened at high volume and with clenched fists.Directly from Arizona, a strong hardcore/beatdown in your face with some punk&metal influences . Black Market Status was launched by WestCoast Worldwide Records and has 11 songs.Politics,corruption,rage,friendship and betrayal are some of this albums themes.A positive hardcore with heavy guitar riffs like First Blood, Hoods, Agnostic Front ( Roger Miret is the guest in  Scared Ground song), 25 Ta Life, Terror or Madball.A breath of fresh air for the US hardcore scene.A maximum of 30minutes hardcore as it should be,full of attitude,respect and optimism,without “bad guys” or the desire to be seen on the “tv screen”.From the street dedicated to the street.To see what the guys are capable of, watch  out this video:

and also check out the band on the internet at:

favorite songs: Dead Street & Right Wrong.
1. Sunnyland
2. Right Wrong
3. Machine
4. Thirteen
5. Forward Fast
6. Gladiator Academy
7. Scared Ground
8. High and Dry – Shakedown
9. Dead Street
10. Blown Away
11. Free and Independent


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