Kult Idea promo

Looks like the Italians don’t only know of pizza and football, but have other concerns.Directly from Italy to all the lovers of alternative culture and 80-90 diy punk bands and distro here it is Kult Idea. Trybuna Brudu is the second material launched by Kult Idea.A digital replay of a demo from 1985 of  the polish band.Anarcho-punk combined with a strong antimilitarism message,show you that this guys had guts to expose their ideas during communism.
Il Saluto Del Brigante Tiburzi represents also a replay of a compilation launched only on a limited edition vinyl in 1996 with the bands FFD, Bamfa Bamfa, Dusk, Meat For Dogs, Ulysses Zero and Cattiva Inclinazione.A mix hardcore/punk of about 30minutes only at high volume.


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