Interview: SKUNX

SKUNX – oi/punk-Canada interview january 2011

MPTY ZINE: Hello Giovanni, how’s 2011 for you ? Woken up from the hangover ?

Giovanni:New years was fun, a bit of drama with some ladies, but nothing special to ruin my night. We went to a rockabilly show to see Bloodshot Bill play and also a few skins came out with us. I dont usually drink much but that night I did. I even end up having some urinary problems after. Hahahaa

For those who aren’t familiar with the band, could you make the

Skunx is an Oi! band heavily influenced by British, French, and some Italian along with other bands from rest of the world from the early 80s. We formed in October of 2009 and we have doing well. Lots of gigs in Toronto and trying to get out of city more.

Have you gotten in plan for 2011 a new album ?

For a new album we’re not quite sure yet what are we gonna do. We just released our new demo. A buddy of us did it for free and it came out like we wanted.

Now that we’ve talked about the album, are you going DIY or a label ?

We are still deciding to see if we are going to release an EP by our selfs or see if we can get a deal with some label. We don’t want to get tag with any political wings, so we are looking for a label that can offer us that and the satistfaction that we are looking for. Im not a big fan of the new skinhead sound, Oi core or skinhead rock.

I know you had a band, RIP, psychobilly, how come you’re playing OI now ?

We still have RIP. Rip is also another band that is influenced by 80s psychobilly. Before we put skunx together, I met cousins Andy and Israel both from Mexico. They told me they had RIP and we’re looking for a drummer. I agreed with them that if I play drums for them I would like them start an Oi! band with me. They seemed cool with the idea and we put it together quick. I learned the RIP songs too and we put a show togeher a month after with both bands and we kicked off
great since then.

Tell me a little about the bands you listen to and the bands that
have been inspiring for Skunx.

Like i mention before, our influences are bands from the 80s. FOr Skunx I like lots of early French Oi! even though I cant really understand what they are saying but I love the sound. Bands like Swingo Porkies, Snix, Trotskids, Tolbiac’s Toads and most of the bands from the Chaos En France compilation. From Italy Nabat, Plastic Surgery, Asociale and I recently became a big fan of Brutti & Ignoranti, I think they are fantastic. From England I love all the bands, specially around 80 to 85. And since Im latino I have a big passion for Brazilian Oi!, Histeria, Carbonarios, Virus 27 and Maniphesto are my favorites.

Have you ever met a grizzly bear?

Hahaha, no man.. To see them you have to travel far north in the country. Toronto only has Hot girls and a shit load of stupid fuckers.

Do you know anything about Romania ? Do you know any band from here?

To be honest, not too much. When I was around 18 or 19 I use to live in the States and I had a really shitty Oi!/Streetpunk band. We came out in a Romania fanzine that Im sure you know call No Bollox JustOi!. The zine came out with a compilation and it had a Romanian band call Scandal, and that is as much as I know.

I know that you’re from Paraguay and moved to Canada.. how was the transition and what are the differences?

Yes I am. But I moved out of Paraguay when I was 13 in the year of 2000. I lived about 8 yrs and a half in the United States. I’ve lived all over the East Coast, from Miami to NYC. So when I moved to Canada things were not much of a change, the only thing that it was a bit weird was to see all the sings in English and French. I was used to seeing in English and Spanish in the states. But thats about it.Toronto is a great city, and Canada in general is very calm. I really like it and recomend everyone sometime to visit it.

Thanks for the interview Giovanni and I give you the last word.

Mircea, thanks a lot for the interview. The only thing I have to say is that the skins who are political for the most part they are in for the violence, most can even back up the knoledge of what they stand for, and they are just puppets of some idiots that are ahead of dirty business. One day the skinhead scene will rise again and there will be no divisions anymore. Cheers!!!

PS: When I was in high school I knew a rumanian girl and she was hot!
I tried to fuck her a few times but she never gave it to me, fucking bitch! hahahaha

thanks: Giovanni and Skunx

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