Westcoast Worldwide Records promos

BegForLife – Doomed (2009)
Hardcore made in Arizona, influenced by metal, choruses fit for mosh-pits, fury and attitude: these are BegForLife, a band that, in my opinion, is heavily underrated, compared to other second-hand bands of so colled „hardcore”. Doomed was released by Westcoast Worldwide Records in 2009 and has 10 tracks. The album was produced by Mike Hood (hoods), also present as a guest on the Waste of Life song. The lyrics of this band are a little different compared to some „hood” bands, BegForLife focusing on the human existance on the path of time, on failure, pain or rage, an apocalyptic vision towards the world. If you like 90’s hardcore bands, then BegForLife are definately a must.

Havenside-Recognition (2010)
Havenside is another band from the big family of Westcoast Worldwide Records. From the heart of Sacramento, these guys are a heavy part of the hardcore scene. A heavy mix of hardcore, metal and punk on 11 „in your face” songs, gathered under the name of Recognition (the latest material signed by the band). Havenside can take pride in sharing the stage with bands such as Lionheart, Hoods, Stick To Your Guns, Earth Crisis, First Blood and a lot more. The album also has two collaborations, one with Mike (Hoods) on „What We Live For”, and one with Rob McCarthy (lionheart) on Still Eyes. Heavy riffs, attitude, friendship, lots of mosh-pit…that’s how I would depict Havenside in a few words. These guys desirve all your attention!

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