After 35 years of punk they are still alive and kickin’…please welcome UK SUBS

Captain oi serve us something, the new material of UK SUBS after this waiting time. For sure it is useless for me to talk about UK SUBS, one of the first bands of what is today street-punk. Charlie Harper is keeping it true at his age of 67. After 8 years of waiting, Work in Progress is released since January. Catchy tunes a la UK SUBS, together with a sometimes critical, furious and even maybe ironcal attitude, I think it’s their most complete album. Punk rock style from the legends and let’s hope Charlie will keep his promise as till now and will release albums until Z ( all their albums start with a letter of the alphabet). A must have for 2011 which must go together with your friends at a beer. Personal favorite tracks: Rock n Roll Whore and Radio Unfriendly

also here is an unofficial video for the track Creation


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