The Duel-I’m On To You (EP-2011)

MPTY ZINE support for Romania

Tara Rez & Co. are coming back in 2011 with a new EP in the pure punk rock’n’roll/new wave style. 3 crazy tracks which I’ve played a few times on a row, being sure that a great album is due to be released, signed The Duel. About them I’ve mentioned in a previous issue, when talking about Childish Behaviour. Eh, now we’re going back to old school with these 3 tracks. Punk rock made in 1977 with a little new wave, piano and Tara Rez’s vocals, choruses easy to me remembered and catch enough, they make the complete menu of this EP. Jump through the otherside, away from the crazy world, a leap to the unknown, but full of optimism. If you listen to it, you’ll get that feeling of nostalgia led by Tara’s voice along with the cyber-disco-psychedelic-punk intrumental, far from the present and the day-to-day problems. For sure the journey will go on..



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