Interview: Malavida (combat ska/punk-Italy)


Malavida is a band recommended to me by Giuli (La ghenga del fil di ferro), Agit Prop is their latest release, a combat punk/ska made in Italy. Interview with Jerry Brigante (drums). Enjoy

MPTY ZINE: Hi, jerry. How are you?

Jerry Brigante: Well, well! … Ufffff, frankly turns me a bit ‘my balls (and now for several years) for the current Italian political situation, but hopefully a little hard still x! Whores that Berlusconi is 75 years old, not campera ‘for much longer.

Congratulations for „agit prop”, it’s an excellent album. I’ve got it through giuli and listened to it a couple of times. Please tell me if you’ve prepared something new for 2011.

We are working on new songs but does not record a new album for 2011.I anticipate that probably will affect the next job a bit ‘more’ rock’n’roll / garage mixed with our usual combat punk, ska …

Tell me a couple of words about Malavida.

I born in Filottrano Malavida in 1998 with the initial formation of:Alex on vocals, Gugo patchanka on bass, Jerry robber el Kid on drums and guitar;Fascinated by the Clash and the whole galaxy of music that revolved around this group, plus the Gang group icon of the national music scene …. And fellow citizens. The name was suggested by a local Malavida Spanish, an ideal meeting point for all the „bastards” of the road who want to listen to good music Militant group since the beginning has always moved in a combat environment, stealing to punk to ska, to patchanka, rock and roll „we have learned to steal as we learned to play.” Immersed up to their necks in this world of shit they tried to sing of bread, sweat, anger, struggle, hope, love and anarchy trying to give voice to all the outcasts, the marginalized, the last „cry for the urgency of being alive and take possession of their lives. ”
In 1998 they released their first „Malademo” which contains a piece written and set to music by the group and 3 cover.In 2000 he entered the studio to record their first real job: Malavida.
The disc contains 13 songs in English and one in Spanish Severini boasts the collaboration of the brothers, the winds of Radio Babylon and the bagpipes of Mortimer Mc Grave, the record was released in 2001 on the label Skantinato (Ancona) and is distributed by Venus (Milan) .In 2002, leaves the scene el Kid, replaced by Zeb.
In 2005, participating in the compilation „10000 days of rock n ‘roll” the Italian tribute to Joe Strummer.
In 2006 they recorded two songs included in the album dedicated to the memory of last Birtina Peppe de Marche storyteller who died in 2005.In 2006 with the crucial help of big brothers Severini (Gang) began recording the new work which contains 4 new songs (in Italian), 3 pieces of gang revisited for the occasion, and a tribute to the Clash. The project is called Malagang. The album is self produced and distributed by Goodfellas was released in April 2007.Also in 2007, participating in the compilation „iang PIPOL” cd that will fund a project of the CVM (Center Volunteers for the world) for the construction of water wells in Ethiopia and participate in the compilation „from within” this CD also to support water projects in Kenya. In the same year Mr. Lion joined the group to replace Zeb.In 2009, participating in the compilation „Revolution Rock – A Way of Life”, whose proceeds will go entirely to fund the projects of Joe Strummer Magenta. In April of 2010 released the new album „agit prop”, 17 songs written and arranged by Malavida, the texts are all in Italian, but one in Spanish. The album is self produced and distributed by Goodfellas, has numerous collaborations: Gang, Banda Bassotti, Los Fastidios, Atarassia Group, Ned Ludd, Ratoblanco, Vincanto, Fabulous and Daddy Animal equal.

You’re all Joe Strummer and Clash fans and as far as i know, there’s a tribute to Joe Strummer in Italy and also the Joe Strummer association. Tell me more about this, what does it mean?

Each year in December in connection with the death of joe strummer the site „” and „” with the support and participation of other groups a day dedicated to Joe, „the Italian tribute to Joe Strummer!”
… Is a benefit concert did not want to sanctify but simply to remember and to fill the huge void left after the untimely death of joe strummer occurred on December 22 2002.
It all began ‘in 2003 with the „strummer corner” edited by Mauro Zaccuri area of the Independent Day Festival of bologna … the very first edition of the tribute was also held on 19 December 2004 at ‘Estragon di Bologna is available in a memorable CD.
The event aims alone and just remember and celebrate the human figure and art of joe strummer, soul and political consciousness of The Clash, a band that knew how to make a deep impression in the history of rock’n’roll.
All this is possible thanks to the availability of many Italian bands with Joe and the Clash in the heart.
The Italian tribute to joe strummer has become a key event for any fan of the unforgettable British rocker and Clash of the same. Since the first edition of the net proceeds of the evening were devoted to Strummerville, the non-profit association formed by family and close friends of Joe, the Italian contribution has been recognized by the same Strummerville and many close friends with Joe around the world each year inevitably make us company.
We have always participated as both the underworld as filottranocity rockers ( where, thanks to all that we have entered into with a lot of touches the reality, associations and people like us want to say his year, and work hard every day to organize events , concerts, etc … Among the more ‘active, in addition to Filottrano city rockers (who are part of all of us Malavida) also punkadeka, the association joe strummer Magenta, Tuscan punk rock, know your right, and many others.

What does Malagang means?

Malagang and ‘simply the union of 2 bands: Malavida and the gang (the historic rock militant group)
As I said above, in addition to being Gang Clash along with one of our favorite bands and reference point are also our neighbors and deep friends. For these reasons we decided to just make a record together called Mala-Gang

What would you choose between Banda Bassotti and Talco and why?

2 band are certainly excellent, but without detracting from the Talco, if I choose I choose the BB … the simple reason ‘why are our dear friends and companions.

Talk to me about your music preferences, what do you listen to, what bands etc.

I listen to everything from punk to ska, from the crossover patchanka … rock’n’roll, reggae, garage … … even electronically.One of my favorite band in the context of punk and I still do not listen to the stove are Rancid. Their best album in my opinion is „life will not wait” … call it the „Sandinista” Clash!
However this time I’m dusting off old albums that made music history as Bo Diddley, Johnny Cash and Billy Bragg.

As we’ve earlier spoke of Italy, tell me, what football team do you prefere?

I’m sorry but I and the rest of the Malavida do not follow football apart Mr. Lion (our guitarist) who is Camerano football coach.

What are the five objects you’d take with you on a remote island?

Was an island in the „south” would take only sunscreen

Compare berlusconi to something.

Hagi or Roberto Baggio?

Thanks to wikipedia I know ‘that Hagi was the best soccer player in Romania … too bad, I do not know.

Peroni or Guiness?


What else do you do, besides singing with Malavida?

I do a painter by profession! … Humble work (and sometimes creative) that still guarantees me a plate of pasta daily.

Thanks a lot for this interview and if there’s something else that you’d like to add, please do.

Thank you for the interview and what you do. Keep it up. Jerry … a hug for Malavida!
Ah … I apologize for the bad English … not very practical with the language, I transcribed the responses made in Italian and translated by the translator simultaneously google … I’m sorry.

Mirceone vs. Jerry – march 2011


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