Labels promos

Stage Diving Promotions-Italy

Barely Awake-hc/progressive/metal

From Pesaro (Italy) with hate. Barely Awake brings a new material a 5 tracks EP, Failure. A powerfull mix between modern hardcore, progressive and metal with an combination of clean, melodic and screaming vocals and of course crazy guitar riffs made just to make you jump and mosh. Personally i’m not into this combination very hard, but the boys surpised me in a good way. It’s a fantastic mix between Shadows Fall and Thursday (if i’m allowed to say this). First song promoted is Till Death Do Us Part, Bitch and you can download for free from their Last Fm account ( An EP that sounds better (looks like you can do good things even if you are into DIY ethic) and if i were to choose a song probablly it will be: Burn Your Crown. 3/5

Westcoast Worldwide Records-USA

Give’Em Hell-hc/punk

Westcoast Worldwide Records are pleased to throw the bomb. Give Em Hell is back with new album in April Volume1.
Something a bit different than the previous 2008 album We Are Wolves ( more mature and with more attitude) and a new drummer Craig Spinelli (Hoods). The band has kept the same breath on all tracks, a 2step/hardcore-punk made in California, for lovers of moshpit. The message body is one that speaks of unity, friendship, attitude and of course passion. If you like Bane, Hoods, Out For Revenge or Lionheart ,Give Em Hell will certainly make a nice picture. A statement in pure hardcore fury. 5/5

thanks to Westcoast Worldwide Records and to Nello from Stage Diving Agency


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