Beat The Red Light-Salt The Lands (promo cd)

MPTY ZINE support TNS Records

First impression is an apocaliptical sound on your stereo.Beat The Red Light is an old acquaintance of ours with an demential ep from 2009. Now they are back on TNS Records with their first album: Salt The Lands.9 songs in an energetic mix of ska / metal / punk / hardcore that will make you jump up over 40 minutes. The band is preparing for a tour with Stand Out Riot and we wish them good luck.If you want a perfect morning start with Salt The Lands and continue with Solanum and after one round of toast and butter.An original album full of anger and fury and of course the sound of revolution and trumpets a mix between Slayer and Voodoo Glow Skulls for fine ears.

Thanks to BTRL , Andy and Bev from TNS.


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