promo band: The Old Firm Casuals

Lars Frederiksen present the new band project called:The Old Firm Casuals.New projects wants to be a streetpunk/oi made in US, along with Lars the band also includes Casey Watson (bass/vocals) and Paul Rivas (drums/vocals). The project began in San Francisco in october 2010 and recently in april 2011 The Old Firm Casuals brings the first material a 7 inch with 4 tracks on Oi The Boat Records.The band also said it will soon record their debut album. Stay tunned.
For fans of: The Oppressed, Cock Sparrer, Agnostic Front, Templars, GBH, Symarip, Evil Conduct, Perkele, Madball and of course Rancid.

01. Old Firm (D.M.S.)
02. Lone Wolf
03. Apocalypse Coming
04. Casual


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