A Poor Excuse label promo cd’s

A Poor Excuse is the newest label promoted in Romania by Mpty Zine

„A Poor Excuse is a label and booking agency that delivers more than music. We deliver impressions on albums and on stage. A Poor Excuse are working with several acts within the  Irish, Punkrock, Folk, Rock n Roll, Hardcore, Thrash, Rockabilly, SKA and Troubadour genres.”


Sir Reg has surprised me since the first audition, a Celtic punk as mother’s home (in Irleand of course), maybe for the fact that the singer is Irish.Band was known as The Barcrawlers and played a good piece of time by various Irish pub sites in Scandinavia. This Is Sir Reg is their new material that will make your appetite for beer and whiskey, but good to listen with friends Friday night. The band has a lot of influential names such as Pogues, Cash, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly and The Dubliniers with catchy choruses, violin, Banjos and appetite for dancing.


Always War succesfully complete the hardcore scene form Sweeden. The band was formed in 2007 inspired by bands like: Agnostic Front, Madball, Cro Mags or Merauder. Vengeance Prevail is the new material released from A Poor Excuse, a powerfull mix of hardcore and metal with some punk elements. This album has everything from energy, to hate, mosh pit parts, hardcore attitude in your face, and full of force, from old to new school all with love. You will certain not regret if you’ll try these guys. Recommend: These Are The Ways.


Move on you mother fuckers, these guys will smash you on the ground. Bad Dreams Always brings 8 tracks of pure hate and anger, they make a brutal hatecore since 1988. In the early 1990’s these guys were one of the most popular bands in the underground sweedish scene, with a sound reminiscent of S.O.D. and D.R.I. they bring energy and aggressiveness to the full. 20 Centuries Of Hate it’s the latest relase,a crazy, hateful, with a strong social message album, full of rage. After 20 years of activity BDA have enough force to make you destroy everything. I recommend: The Bible.


Damien is a Swedish group formed somewhere in 1999. The band has a border vision on music, they have a solid musical background and have influences from melodic metal, punk, blues, rock n roll and jazz. Kings Of Rock, Queen Of Roll brings 5 tracks with an exceptional voice from Michelle (the lead singer), and has been released in the fall of 2010 at their own label: Grammofoninstitutet and has been promoted by a very succesful video for the song We Are The Kids. Currently the band is in studio for the first full lenght, which be released sometime in early 2012, and of course take their time for some concerts in Sweedn and Germany. A lot of influences and a lot of good music with feeling.


Mother Misery formed in 2004 in Sweeden and Standing Alone is the latest album, 11 tracks of musical maturity for the band in all ways from instrumental to lyrics. I’m not into heavy rock but this album rocks.The band brought some influences from Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters and others like but they have their own originality. Standing Alone has sold very well in the first 6 weeks of release and Mother Misery are a very well appreciated rock band in Sweeden. It’s a plus for the band and they are one the right way.

thanks to Patricia (APX booking/label) and to the bands. all cd’s are promoted in Romania by MPTY ZINE


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