Interview: RedSka (combat ska punk-Italy)

I know RedSka from the first album and they catch me with their sound and message, they are working on something new and Fra have the amabillity to speak with us…enjoy!

MPTY ZINE: Hey Fra. What’s up?

REDSKA: Hello Mircea, everything is alright, we’re very busy at the moment, the summer of 2011 will be a very important one for us.

I heard some news about Redska. Are you preparing something new??

That’s correct, we’re in fact working at our third album. After a period of approximately one year, during which we dedicated our energies writing new songs and keeping track of the pre-production of the album, we’re now actually in studio (Atomic Studio) to record it. You’ll be able to listen to the first new songs from winter 2011, when we’ll release the first single. We’re positive it won’t disappoint you.  😉

How are things going with One Step records?

The relationship with our label is fairly peculiar, as it’s managed by a part of RedSka themselves, namely me in collaboration with Ale Il Duca (singer of RedSka and founder of One Step Records). This is quite useful in helping us to coordinate the promotional work and be sure the band initiatives are given the right importance. In general, this year One Step is busy with quite a few project, for example NH3 (ska-core) and Jolebalalla (reggae roots) that are having a good reception, we’re happy.

About RedSka how things going with concerts?

The gigs are being great and the audience is very receptive and supportive. Obviously the people that listens to us supports us both coming at the concerts and buying the merchandise. Outside of Italy (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, etc.) the scene is very very receptive and attentive towards bands as we are, but also in Italy we’re having  increasing support.

I know that you are listening a lot of great bands, what new bands do you recommend me?

It’s true, playing with RedSka and working at the label we get to hear very many different bands, live and recorded. I’d recommend you NH3, Jolebalalla, The Offenders, Irie Revoltes and Russkaja.

Please make me a top 10 of your favorite bands

This is really a very difficult question to be answered.. but let’s try. Without a particular order I’d say: Bob Marley, Ska-P, Manu chao, Irie Revoltes, The Clash, Los Fastidios, Banda Bassotti, Mad Caddies, Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, Skatalites, Specials, Byron Lee, Ramones. But I’m sure I’ve overlooked too many others.

How was Rabbia e Liberta tour?

The “Rabbia e Libertà” tour is coming to the final stages. It’s been 4 years of uninterrupted tour, and I have to say that in these years, we drove loads of kilometers, played in great places and met a lot of great people having fun at our concerts. The outcome of this tour has been really great.

I saw a lot of newer bands began to approach ska or punk .. more or less good .. what do you think of the new bands?

In any case it is very very important that there are always new bands that are committed to ska, punk and reggae, musical genres that have a message of freedom and fight against prejudices in their core. We think it is always good and we also like to advice anyone of the young and new bands we meet: Keep believing in what you do 101% and keep trying, because there are always many difficulties and setbacks, and you need to be very motivated, committed and coherent to play these genres and to play in certain settings!

How much weighs in redska politics? Is redska a political band, and why?

RedSka are no doubt a “political” band or, better, a band that makes of his social and political belief a priority. We are musicians first of all, and we have the possibility to communicate with the aid of our music certain messages to a broad range of people. We chose with determination to carry the message of the struggles against fascisms, racisms and sexisms, towards the creation of a better world, with more freedom and less prejudices.
Artists singing only of love, sun and happiness  are already enough, we leave them with the majors.

Fra, please tell me what do you know about Romania and the scene over here?

We’ve played in many countries in Europe, unfortunately not in Romania yet. Hence, we have no first-hand experience of Romanian musical scene, but given what we hear and see through the web, it seems to us there is quite an interesting scene developing.

Thanks for your time and if you have something to add, please do it.

We thank you Mircea, for the support and the consideration you show in our regards. I invite all of your followers to come on and (on Facebook  as well) to keep up to date with new productions, tours and the news at-large.
An ANTIFA hug from Italy.

Mirceone vs. Fra august 2011


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