promo bands: Ignotus (streetpunk/oi) / Goodbye Jersey (ska/punk)

MPTY ZINE promo bands:

IGNOTUS – streetpunk/oi

Rock N Terapia is the new LP from Ignotus brought into the light by Potencial Hardcore from Madrid. I’m in love of this band from the start, a mix with punk and oi and a little hardcore powerfull and fast. 14 tracks with a strong political message (of course) with sing along parts for our partys. At first audition you might think about a football madness gang on your door getting ready to smash you. If i want to choose 4 words to say about this i will say: united, angry, fast and perfect for friday night. If you are into Non Servium, Kaos Urbano and many many more this is for you.


Entertain Me! the new LP from Goodbye Jersey is here. Skacore and punk for hi-level. Energic for the youth generation, optimistic and ironic in the same time. It give me a good mood and i’ve listen it third times on repeat already. Trumpets and fast drums. guitars in force and something beetwen Streetlight Manifesto and Mighty Mighty Bosstones meets Rancid and NOFX. 16 tracks in a cool presentation (specialy the cover), choruses made to put the dancing shoes and start the dance. The message comes in a package with politics, against media and irony on tracks like: Kill Your TV, Radio Sux, Zombie Shuffle or Nazi=White Trash. Good job!



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