promo band-Found Dead In Trunk (punk-US)


FOUND DEAD IN TRUNK – Fired Demon Sessions

Go wild and nuts with this band. Found Dead In Trunk are here with the Fried Demon Sessions. 14 tracks full of irony, fun, fast, fabulous in a melodic punk mixed with some horror themes (if you look with attention on tracklist). Members are coming from the 1980’s Connecticut bands such as: The White Pigs,Sanity Assassins and Stark Raving. Tracks like Morgan Freeman, Punch me in The Face or Bonesaw will make you jump and go crazy. Also the band has appeared on many compilations released by: Mystery School Records, To Circle Records (Japan), H8 Piece Records, Crazy Rat (Russia) or Lost Cat Records.
This album is out on 75 or Less Records and we wait some news about these guys. If you are looking something crazy like Black Flag and company then Found Dead In Trunk are the answer.


The Mortician
Combat Zone
Bone Saw
Corpse Fishing
Jesus Loves Me
Don’t Give a Fuc
Prescription for Suicide
My Disease
Punch Me In The Face
Morgan Freeman’s…
The Real Thing
Girl Hunting


label: 75 or less records


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