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TNS RECORDS new cd’s

Hated Till Proven – Songs For The Short Of Attention

Coming from Northwest of England these guys will kick your stereo off. Hated Till Proven album is out now on TNS Records , 12 tracks of angry and melodic punk, ska and a little hardcore. Something like The Exploited meets The Unseen with some trumpets. Fast, a lot of attitude and energy. Songs For The Short Of Attention is a social album  till the bone, with a strong message against politics and politicians, against media (Media Control), with a irony  on boys in blue (PIMW), a special dedication to Santa Claus and all the Christmas connsumerism trend (Festive  Feeler), and to the army style life for those criminals that serve the motto „to protect and serve” (Going To War)  and many more. All in all it is a great debut and for sure this band will make you jump. For fans of Leftover Crack, Minor Threat, The Exploited. This album is avaible on TNS for pre-order and also for download.

Hated Till Proven are:
Adam-guitar and vocals
The guys are back: Bootscraper with a this ST album on TNS Records. From the streets of Leeds this band is making all the money. With their rockabilly, punk, country, gipsy music this is the second release after Country and Eastern (wich was a total succes), this ST has 10 tracks in the same mix, catchy, ironic and of course with their own contribution that makes this album a must have for fans of Manu Chao, Gogol Bordello or Kultur Shock.Agro-folk,  energy, catchy background sound presented in a very nice artwork booklet also. Grab it from TNS or on download sites, this is the new trend this summer. Kick the PA, put the dancing shoes and…revolution, action!!!.

Bootscraper are:
Tim Loud-vocals/harmonica
CC Langhorne-vocals/banjo
Joel Murray-accordion
Dan Bond-vocals/mandolin
Chris „Camel” McCollin-bass
Fraz Marsh-drums/turntables
Luke Howell-djembe/percussion


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