Interview exclusive: Epater Le Bourgeois (hc/punk-Italy)

ELB (hc/punk)

Mirceone (MPTY ZINE):Ciao Filippo. Waht’s going on?

Filippo (ELB): nothing … these days the heat is tremendous in Italy, luckily I live near the sea, and every time I go to freshen up … for the rest, normal life, work, trouble, desire to play around … I am 35 years old, and I have absolutely no desire to change my life, hardcore punk for life!

How’s wheter..drink a cold beer in the sun?

No, I’m sorry, but I do not drink alcohol for many years! This is a question that you should turn to Andrea, drummer épater The bourgeois … even the guitarist (Alessio Sketch) is not a drinker, maximum drinks a beer with friends, including the unforgettable David (known as Swiss chard)

2012 started with a Demo. How was working on it?

yes, you said well, we opened 2012 with the demo … we have not recorded all the songs we play live, it lacks the demo „Lacrime”, „Sogno”, “PHCTLV” … demo is included in the cover of a piece of Nabat, skins and Punk, one of the most glorious Italian punk band of the 80 … we could play far better on the demo, but the cold of that day (we recorded in a basement while it was snowing outside!) did not help us, Alexy was frozen! Unlike Andrew, that sounded like a rocket and it feels! In any case we hope to record an album of their own in autumn, so as to understand better how much anger we have, and how much love for this sound, punk hardcore, we feel the veins ….

Make me a short presentation and a history of band and of course the name:)

The history of the band? ah, it’s hard … joke … E.LB. means Epater Le Bourgeois, which means shocking the bourgeoisie in France, and is actually what we want from our way of being in a city much like launching maverick, especially musically … we were born 3 years ago, I met Alexis in the square during the summer, with David, and then Andrea came to play the drums, I played bass and sang (I still do!) … There have been many lineup changes, we also had a singer, Francesca, but then because of the distance (she is Pescara) has gone away,we’re friends of course still now, and we were back in 3 … then we re-arranged the songs and abiamo made more powerful, „Controllo sociale” and especially „Bastioni” and “Voghera 1983” which is dedicated to a friend of mine, are becoming more catchy songs …. however we are Philip (bass / vocals), Alexis (guitar / vocals), Andrew (drums) … for us the lyrics are very important, and in a very personal issues we face when we feel involved, such as anti-fascism, (nazi punx fuck off!) but also the boredom of our city, the desire to break all the cages, the anger! Musically, there’s no need to say we go back to the old Italian hardcore punk scene of the 80, such as Declino,Indigesti,Negazione,Bed Boys, and then the huge Black Flag, which have combined the blues ill with the speed and hypnotic rhythms, we get crazy for these things!

ELB Lanciano HC/PUNK

How is the hc/punk scene in Lanciano

The hardcore punk scene in Lanciano does not exist! There’s just us, and in fact we find it hard to find concerts in our area … near Lanciano,i nPescara, there are good bands we like very much as Straight Opposition, MUD, Keet’em Murt, Vibratacore, and sulmona groups, who play punk rock, and they came to play in Berlin in recent months … a band that I really liked were the DISSESTO of Pescara, in the 90s which still jealously guard it on 7 „…

Some concerts in near future?

We wanted to play with other groups in Padova, but I do not think we could do this on … concerts? we hope that there are many in the near future, we like to play everywhere, to meet people like us and share ideas … This scene has been dying in Italy over the years, there are now many groups and many local, but little ability, not to say that the former things are better than these, but only that the world around us has changed and has changed us. .. for the better? for the worse? I do not know, I can not give an answer … But I can say that for me is always the same hardcore punk, sweat, grit, experience with the band, spirit of sacrifice and brotherhood, have something to say, and not only watch the look or technique …

I saw the demo online…what do you think about putting music on internet. the music should be free for download or people must pay for a cd?

I think music is an expression of the feelings of the soul’s way of being angry and these things are priceless!

Top 5 of you favorite bands?

it is difficult to answer this question, I can tell you that I love Decline, Black Flag, Nerorgasmo, Nabat, and the great Indigesti … these bands have influenced me greatly, was the soundtrack of my life, both for the lyrics for the music, I like the old school sounds skinny, dark, fast, sharp, and all these bands have this tip hear sound in my opinion …

ELB-demo cover 2012

What do you do beside the band?

what we do over the band? we like to stay for Lanciano, and turn in the oldest parts of Lanciano!

Do you think Italy will win EURO?

Italy will win the Europeans? I hope so, but it’s hard … This year I celebrated the promotion of Lanciano, a historic achievement for our team, in the second division! anyway I follow football much less than before, although the red black colors of Lanciano are always part of me!

Tell me 3 words as a description of the band

So … First of all friendship, which is the most important thing … second, the anger and determination when we play, and last passion. Without these ingredients, the ELB does not exist!

Thanks for your time and if you want to add something, please feel free.

Thank you for the space that you have given us, and we hope we soon will you organize a concert in your part so we will know soon! Thanx to Davide,Rigetto,Campobasso Skinhead,and all our friends.

Mirceone (MPTY ZINE) vs. Filippo (ELB)
june 2012.

thanks to ELB and to all our friends all over the world. stay punk!

all pictures used for promo.


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