Ska-P promo album 99%


After 5 years since their last album Lagrimas Y Gozos, Ska-P are back with a new single and a new album for 2013. 99% the new album and the new two singles: Se Acabo and Canto A La Rebelion will be released for march 2013. With the projects such as: No relax or The Locos the band is returning with full force and of course in the same theme: ska and punk with powerfull social and ironic lyrics in 15 tracks that will make you jump. You Tube is already full of shares of the two new singles and we are waiting for the album. Put the fist in the air, put the skankin shoes cause the kings are back.
A brief history: formed back in 1994 in Spain, Vallecas (Madrid) and after 6 studio albums and many singles Ska-P become one of the best bands in this area. If you are into bands like: Boikot, Skalariak, Talco then if you didn’t listen to this then you MUST put an ear to this.Cheers!

all pictures (C) ska-p



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