Interview – RedSka (march 2013)


A talk with Fra from RedSka and One Step Records, about the new EP, new bands and other good and simple things. Listen to good music, go to concerts, buy a cd, support the diy and be good! enjoy it.

Mirceone (MPTY ZINE) Ciao Fra, how’s life?

Fra (RedSka) Hi Mircea, everything is ok, thank you so much for this interview!

We have our last interview i think 2 years ago, meanwhile you have this new baby: Bella Ciao. congratulations and any news?

Yes, the last interview was at the time of studio production of „LA RIVOLTA”, our 3rd album. Now is „BELLA CIAO” time, our brand new EP. This new record is for us a solemn tribute to a true hymn of the partisan struggle and resistance. The EP contains the ska-punk version of the famous folk song and also two unpublished songs: „SIMILE” and „LA RESISTENZA” (feat. NH3).

RedSka is preparing a new tour?

We are always on the road…in the next months we’ll be in Austria, Germany, France and of course Italy.

How things are for One Step Records?

One Step Records continues his way. It’s very hard produce and distribute independent music in Italy, but we resist. At the moment, we’re working on new projects for 2013. You can follow our activity on Facebook (

Speaking of labels…what do you think nowdays about the internet and sharing the music?

The internet impact on the indipendent music was very strong.
The good impact was the great low cost opportunity to spread the music. Everything is for sure more simple than one time
The bad impact was the people can download the music for free, without any recognition for artists. I think is very very unfair to the artists.

I saw a lot of bands in the RedSka style, a lot of kids think that this is catchy, What you prefer 10 friends at your concert in a pub or 10.000 people in a festival ?

We do what we like and we prefer the „real” people in front of the stage…for sure the big festivals are very exciting for us, but the cool people could be everywhere.

I have listen latelly the new album from Talco and NH3, great albums. Give me a top of 5 new albums from you.

That’s a very difficult question….anyway we like a lot the new albums from FFD („Antifa Riot”), from LINEA („Revoluzionado”), the last album from Ashpipe. We hope to listen very soon to a new Los Fastidios album!

Speaking of bands what news you have about Atarassia Grop, you know is one of my favorite bands…whay don’t you try to put them on One Step?

We know some musicians from Atarassia Grop are now involved in other projects as Erode and Linea…We will see what will happen in the future!

How you can describe RedSka using up to 10 words?

Red-skankin’-punk-rockers 😉

The best concert ever that you have saw live?

Another difficult question…but I think one of the best concert I saw was the Ska-P concert in Rimini (italy) in 2010. The opener was RedSka…

A top 10  with the best bands that you still listen

This is a random-list…Bob Marley, Ska-P, Irie Révoltés, Banda Bassotti, The Specials, The Ramones, Mad Caddies, Los Fastidios, The Clash, Vallanzaska…

Thank you so much Fra for your time, please if you have something to add…

Thank you Mircea, thank you MPTYZine, a very good place for the punk-rock music in Europe.
Follow RedSka on Facebook ( ) and keep in touch…support the independent music!!!

fra redska

Mirceone vs. Fra – march 2013


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