The Hex Bombs feat Mike Street Dogs.Flix Records News

The Hex Bombs feat. Mike McColgan (Street Dogs) – None Shall Be Forgotten 7″ (East Grand Recordings / Pirate’s Press)

The 2-song vinyl 7″ is the band’s first new release since 2012’s self-titled EP. The record is out since June 25, 2013.

Track list: A. None Shall Be Forgotten (featuring Mike McColgan) B. Destination U.S.A.

There will be 3 color variations: Color #1 – 100 pressed – available from the band Color #2 – 100 pressed – available from EastGrand Color #3 – 200 pressed – available from Pirate’s Press
THE HEX BOMBS formed in 2006, likely in the same small storage unit that currently serves as their practice space, littered with hand-written lyrics, set lists, and empty bottles and cans. You see, the Midwest produces a working/drinking class like no other and THE HEX BOMBS are no exception, working relentlessly to make ends meet, for their friends, their family, their music.

Naturally, much of their creative inspiration is derived from this lifestyle. Their messages of survival, unity and rebellion might sound familiar, but this isn’t your ordinary, recycled, blue-collar punk. Passion and honesty drive every song from the hardcore blasts to the sing-along anthems.

Mike McColgan (Street Dogs) lends his distinct vocal talents to the song „None Shall be Forgotten”. THE HEX BOMBS „sing for the forgotten, the underdogs, the working poor and our men and woman in uniform. Obviously that appeals to me and l am honored that they asked me to sing on their amazing anthem”, says McColgan.

For fans of: Street Dogs, Bouncing Souls, Flatfoot 56, Dropkick Murphys
more and as well on facebook.
thanks to Felix Flix Records.


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