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NO FEALTY was formed in the end of 2011 after the break up of Tobias’, Jon’s and Jakob’s former band Thought Police Brutality. After including Morten as a new vocalist and Søren (former bass player of Stream City and Hexis) in the band they decided that the time was right for a new start with a new band name and a new identity live as well as on record. However the recording of the tracks for this record was almost finished by then and therefore they decided to record new vocals for all the tracks. In this way the record has been under way for more than 2,5 long years. But all good things comes to those who wait – and work hard – and the band is very proud of the actual outcome.
The album is a DIY-production recorded by theband in AngryMusic Studios. Guitarist Tobias has done the mixing and mastering and the artwork for the record. NO FEALTY consider themselves a DIY hardcore band and feel a close affinity to the DIY and punk scene. Live as well as on record they strive to make a chaotic, brutal and aggressiveimpression,withouttoomuch tough guy or breakdown bullshit.The lyrics tend to be critical and politically loaded. If you can hear hints of punk, crust, grind, thrash and metal in the songs alongside elements of hardcore it is probably not that strange.
NO FEALTY release debut album “In the Shadow of the Monolith”

No Fealty – In the Shadow of the Monolith Available as: Vinyl (Gate-fold) Release Date: 9th Aug 2013 Pre-order: 25th July 2013

Flix Records news
We’re thrilled to announce that Los Angeles’ own The Kinison are back and on the verge of their first release since 2004’s “What Are You Listening To?”

The single, “Oh, The Guilt,” was recorded with Paul Fig (Deftones / Coheed & Cambria) and is being mixed and mastered now. It’ll come with two unreleased live tracks —“What Would You Do?” and “Stevie Nicks vs. Nikki Sixx.” And the whole lot will be available September 2nd, 2013 on Highwires (!

Road warriors for much of the early aughts, the Kinison ended up in a variety of places (from Coachella to shows with Black Flag —including the West Memphis Three benefit —to touring with Blink-182), before calling it quits in 2005. But, after a lengthy hiatus, the members felt a pull to get together again. Vocalist Christopher Lee Lewis puts it simply: “We really just wanted to see if we still had it, and it clicked.”

The Kinison will be playing shows soon, including a pending return to Europe in 2014.

Current Lineup: Christopher Lee Lewis – Vocals Guy Knight – Guitar Mikey Rivera – Drums Frank Alexander Figueroa – Bass Bryan Swarthout – Piano

For more on the band, check out
thanks to Felix at Flix Records


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