For the thirsty hardcore collectors 5FeetUnder presents one split with Kollapse and No Fealty.


Danish hardcore/crust bands NO FEALTY and KOLLAPSE will be releasing their collaborative self-titled 7″ on November 14th, 2013 via their own labels Angry Music Records and 5FeetUnder Records.

The record will be available on limited black vinyl and digital download

The record was an effort both bands have had in mind for a year or so, ever since the bands played their first show together in Copenhagen in 2012. The bands have been friends for years, though living in different cities, Copenhagen and Aalborg, so it was a natural progression for the bands after releasing their debut albums.

NO FEALTY’s contribution to the record is the raw, intense and extreme RAVISHED, recorded during the sessions for their debut album IN THE SHADOW OF THE MONOLITH. The song contains lyrics of a post-war complex and the true intentions behind (every) war. The B-side contains the song FATHER by KOLLAPSE. The song is a deeply personal song for the two singers of the band; it deals with the grief of losing their fathers. It’s a song written and recorded just after the band became a four piece – and follows their SELF-TITLED 10” released December 2012. Even though the two songs on the record are different, they are somehow the same. They both consist of high energy, honesty, and penetrating lyrics.

NO FEALTY emerged from the ashes of Thought Police Brutality. It’s pretty much the same members, but they changed their name, because they wanted to focus on more extreme music than before. They spent two years recording their debut album, which turned into the 12-headed beast of a machine called In the Shadow of the Monolith. It displays an aggression not seen in Denmark before. The chaotic feeling mixed with a brutal touch and the band’s sense of DIY-urgency really hit a spot with reviewers and listeners alike. The album gained critical acclaim everywhere.

KOLLAPSE is a four piece that mix up their love for intense and heavy music. kollapse quickly gained a following in their hometown of Aalborg, as the band seemed to fill a hole that’s been missing for years, creating a sound that draws influences from the violence and destruction of waste from post-industrial living. The band wanted to create a sound that was atmospheric and brutal, but still paying tribute to the members’ love for punk and hardcore music. It resulted in the self-titled debut record that sparked the flame for the band, but also made them realize in what direction the band should go. Multiple record labels released the record across Europe.


A1. Ravished

B1. Father


source: press release 5FeetUnder

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