The Hook-Line Riot – promo

Mpty Zine support for Romania

The Hook-Line Riot are just what you need when it comes to real melodic punk-rock, their album Sirens it will take you in a musical journey with heart open. Melody and anger,choruses made to stand up and smile to the madness in the world. The band deliver full passion with these 12 tracks that will kill your PA. They have shared the stage with names like: Dead To Me,Face To Face, The Flatliners,Swingin Utters, Cobra Skulls or Street Dogs so just you can imagine how they sound. This album has guts to say it in your face and to remind you that punk-rock never dies. From UK with love.

'Sirens' Album Cover

check them and merch

And our merch shop where the album can be bought:

Thanks to Jon and The Hook-Line Riot


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