promo- 13Krauss-Seguir En Pie

These 6 guys knows the story for sure, a celtic punk from Zaragoza for the long nights in the pub with your friends. 13 Krauss is the name and Seguir En Pie is their first release, 9 tracks in the finest combination of punk and celtic folk, one instrumental song, 7 songs in Spanish and one in English (Insane) will make you dance around the whiskey glass. A nice combination between The Pogues and Dropkick Murphys all packed with sing along choruses.
Their first single Atlantida is still available for Free Download on Bandcamp (check this link The band has played as well with the mighty ska legends Bad Manners and they prepare a show for St Patricks with Fatty Farmers, The Detonators and Selfish Murphy. Also they prepare as well for a release of Seguir En Pie on vinyl.
We have listen to it and we recommend it from the heart, it goes nice with whiskey and good friends.Favorite ones: Little Timmy and Oscura Realidad

2.Seguir En Pie
3.Oscura Realidad
4.Mejor Postor
5.Little Timmy
8.Camino A Seguir

13krauss-Seguir en pie-CoverSMALL

for more info check them here:

thanks to 13Krauss


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