The Ramshackle Army-Letters From The Road Less Travelled-promo


East Grand Records will release the new material of The Ramshackle Army-Letters From The Road Less Travelled. About the band i can tell you that they can make a huge crowd to destroy the pub and kill all the whiskey and beer. From the shores of Aussie’s Melbourne to your stereo this 6 piece of finest celtic-punk will make your day.Authenticity, celtic mosh pit, sing along and energy these are the ingredients for this album. They have toured along with Dropkick Murphys in their Australian tour and of course they have been choseen to go along with them again in 2012 for their St. Patricks Tour on the east coast of USA. So if you are into bands like: Street Dogs, Flogging Molly, The Flatliners, DKM then this guys are for you.
CD/digital will be available in February and the vinyl will follow in March on East Grand.


thanks to East Grand promo


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