interview exclusive-Old Coyote Club

1.Hi Kai, how’s life?

Good, still young and pretty.

2.Please tell us a few words about the band

We’re from Kings Lynn, England. We started playing together in summer 2013 and after about 2 months recorded our first EP in my bedroom. It’s called ‘The Clubhouse Sessions’ and is free to download online.

3.Very nice combination of punk with folk and country, tell me something about the influences

As a band our influences range from Folk/Punk/Country/Rock, but every member of the band has completely different tastes extending to Jazz/Metal/Hardcore/Hip Hop etc. It makes it really exciting writing songs together when we all come from completely different musical backgrounds, and the songs begin to take shape when handed over to each other. That’s one of the main reasons I love playing music with Old Coyote Club.

4.The EP has 3 songs, when can we expect a full album

We’re going into the studio this summer to record a new 6-track EP, which we’re currently busy writing. As for an album, we’re gradually working towards it. First albums always set a blueprint for a band so we got to make sure we get it right, and this upcoming EP will show the progression our material is taking.

Fairground Shoot-008

5. I know that you guys are a new band and maybe not a lot of people heard you…so you try to promote somehow?

We’re going to start gigging a lot more this summer, especially when the next EP is released. We’ve all been in other bands before as well which helps, and we’ve got a good group of friends that have been great in supporting us and spreading our music.

6.Anyway a nice name:) so what is the story of it? some friends in UK drinking beer in front of one pub called: Old Coyote? or is something more deep?

It’s not really anything deep, I just really like Coyotes. They’re cool.

7.Name your top 10 when it comes to bands

I can’t put them in order but these are some of my favourites….I.C.H/Ed Ache, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, The Clash, Rancid, Minor Threat, Johnny Cash, Sick of It All, Billie Holiday, Ramones.

8.What else you do besides the band?

We go down our local pub a lot, watch a lot of football and sit around each others houses listening to records and playing guitar.

9.Choose Cash or Dylan:)

Cash or Dylan?! That’s like trying to choose your favourite kid…

Fairground Shoot-002

Thank you for the time and if you have something else to add to our few readers and to eastern europe scene please take this huge chance, you will be on MTV after this online interview:)

Eastern Europe’s cool. Our guitarist is from there (I think), and he’s lovely.

Cheers guys, you can download our new EP ‘The Clubhouse Sessions’ here for Free: – and for more news on all things Coyote

thanks to Kai and OCC.

Mirceone (MPTY ZINE) vs. Kai (OCC) – march 2014

the interview will be also in our 25 th number coming up pdf version.


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