TNS presents-Wonk Unit-Nervous Racehorse (promo)

Wonk Unit are in celebration with the new album Nervous Racehorse, and is on TNS Records already for pre-order. These guys are playing punk-rock with humor and poetry and is like a fresh air in the underground scene.
The album has 15 tracks,everything from irony and humor to anger and yes irony again, melodic punk rock 100% all packed in energy.They have already one video up on youtube: Go Easy. Also we like Siobhan (for your relaxing evening), The Trail (French Booty Song)-with a little ska and dancing mood, There’s Me and Take me Home we recommend them as well. Even if they have a little bit of everything in their sound at the end is Wonk Unit sound.
Oh yes, and pay attention to their artworks:) check them on bandcamp here:
From London town to your stereo.

cover wonk unit

thanks to TNS


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