MPTY ZINE promo exclusive for Romania:


From the irish Barcelona (Spain) these guys will kick the beers out of tables. Formed in 2008 the 6 piece band Drink Hunters are another good exemple of real irish punk outfit. The new album „Lurking behind the woods”-produced by Maldito Records has 14 tracks of dancing,drinking and fighting songs,real anthems to sing along with your friends in a pub.They have shared the stage with bands like: Mad Caddies, Pipes and Pints, La Plebe, Bastards on Parade, Brutus Daughters or The Real McKenzies, also they appeared on „Whiskey Devils-a tribute to The Mahones” with the cover for „Take No Prisoners”. So if you are into irish-punk and not only, or if you have the mood for a drink then this band will sure make your day. With a lot of influences from bands like: Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, The Mahones, Great Big Sea,Rancid…all togheter punk and irish folk with everything you need from: banjo,accordion,fiddle,drums and guitars. 1,2,3 gooo!
For more info or to share a beer check them on

thanks to DH crew!

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