Hex Bombs-Everything Earned-promo CD 2014

Mpty Zine support for Romania: Hex Bombs

Everything Earned is the new material from Hex Bombs, out on East Grand Records. After 2011’s Get Back To Work, this album will blow your stereo off, with their irish-punk-oi sound. It’s about working class pride, it’s about friendship, sing along with your mates in the pub, it’s about stories in life, problems, ups and downs situations. Passion and energy everything (earned of course) packed with attitude on 10 tracks for the lovers of Street Dogs, Dropkick Murphys, Rancid and many more. Oh yes they have played with bands like: Templars, Noi!se,Oxblood or Bishops Green. Pay attention and stay with the ears on them you’ll not regret.



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