TNS Records news-november 2014

MPTY ZINE promo exclusive for Romania

The Roughneck Riot presents their 3rd album thru mighty TNS.Out Of Anger is out there and kickin loud.A powerfull and nice mix from folk to punk made in UK. Anyway the band is already a name in UK and Europe underground and of course they have a lot to say, a true DIY ethic against politics,racism and hungry over money.With banjo,madolin,accordion,drums and guitars these guys will make your day.14 tracks to dance, a real music from simple people for simple people.


All that we know
Englands desperate liars
Should we?
This green unpleasant land
Never silenced never stopped
Each man’s hell
The other side
Need i remind you
The last of us
Too late
He never came home

The Domestics come from UK and of course their release from TNS will blow your stereo. Hardcore old school,punk and energy all under the name of: Routine and Ritual. With influences from Black Flag to Limp Wrist or from Extreme Noise Terror to Discharge or Poison Idea,Chaos UK these guys have them all. Full of hate and hope in the same time, with a strong political and social message, frustration and anger and sub cultural norms delivered in 14 tracks. Also with a featuring on Fuck Your War along Dean Jones (Extreme Noise Terror).Enjoy it loud!


Shut Down
Fuck Your War
Diet Time
Get Fucked
Punk Points
Nerve Damage
Orchestrate Your Posse
Chest Pains
A Pox On This Life
Life Stinks,We’re Fucked
Commodify Our Love
Nothing Factory II


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