Sons Of Lakes Park-promo EP

MPTY ZINE promo exclusive for Romania

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Their story begins in 2009 somewhere in a basement in a park called Lakes Park, after a mini CD and some line up changes the name transform from The Disgustibus to Sons Of Lakes Park. In 2014 they have finished their first 6 track EP: Last Day Of School, The First You Start To Learn. The sound is one energic punk-rock with melodic hardcore something to remind you of NOFX, Milencolin, Lagwagoon, Rise Against and many more. Also for this EP they have a video for Sunrise Generation.They have shared the stage with: Dufresne, Argetti, Atlas Losing Grip, Bigblast and Antillectual. If you will look to the cover you will remind of the 90’s punk rock,skate punk generation.Energy for a boored generation,made in Italy. Listen to: Maybe, but not Today.

logo a colori

Sunrise Generation
Maybe, but not Today
Last Day Of School, The First You Start To Learn
Thanksgiving Play
Clockwork Tie
Walking on Park’s Way

for more infos get a closer listen to:
thanks to the band for infos.cheers!


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