Oi you! Here is our latest promo number no. 44 (16 pages pdf) with:

Interviews with: Puerco (punk rock from Guadalajara, Mexico) / OMIXLH ( street punk from Greece)

Promos and reviews: Los Placebos (ska from Germany) / Excluded (street punk from Mexico) / Agnostic Front (NYHC from US) / Death Before Dishonor (HC Boston USA) / No One’s Voice (oi/punk from Colombia) / The Agrios (streetpunk from Costa Rica)

check out our promo video HERE and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Download the .pdf number (16 pages good for print A4 size / 9.09 MB / direct download in your browser or right click and save as link) CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

The fanzine is free and always will be, all the photos are used for promo only, we do not take any profit for promoting some labels or shops. However if you want to buy me a coffee you can do it on our PayPal (as pay what you want, everything counts).




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