Hey guys, MirceONE here, today i want to share with you a cool band. They are Voice Of Addiction and have been around since 2004. Formed in Chicago they are a social and political punk band, with a bit of everything, from the old school sound, to the new school, all packed with messages from police brutality, oppression and personal day by day problems. Fast, angry but melodic in the same time. They have 7 releases and sold 8,000 physical copies (for an independent band this is good), more than 1300 shows all over USA. Also their music have been included in the movie „Punk Band” and as well they are present on countless compilations punk. You can see below some videos and check them on their social media as well. Cheers!

„I ain’t got a dollar but my guitar can save me,
Fire in our hearts and whiskey on our breath,
Erase the debt and there will be no more sorrow.
This could be reality, no nations nor borders we won’t learn to crawl”

Live at Bridge City Sessions song Eraser

check the band on: Facebook / Instagram / Bandcamp

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