Interview Rusty Nail


Interview exclusive for Romania with Rusty Nail (st. Louis celtic folk,punk)

Mirceone (MPTY ZINE):Hi guys, what’s up?

Chad:Just enjoying life, making music, making beer, and of course drinking beer

Congrats for the album, is really nice and so deep.Tell me few things about it.

Alvy:Its an album about regret. Its about wishing things were different and struggling with the decisions that were made and then ultimately making peace with those decisions. I am not sure I ever look to mask a lyric with deep underlying meaning except to keep it universal… meaning the names are changed, and the experiences are sometimes combined, but honesty is very important.

Chad:Nine of the songs were written by Alvy, one was collaboration between Alvy and Chris, and one was by Chris. Typically Alvy and I work on the songs till it’s something that feels like a Rusty Nail song and then we work on a full band arrangement. This is how the songs were written for this album. We recorded at my studio for the most part and I did the mixing, the final mastering was done by Brad Sarno who is lives in St Louis.

Also for our few readers:) tell us a short bio

Chad:Born in the winter of 2005, Rusty Nail is a 7 piece band that plays Celtic infused Rock songs, inspired by such acts as The Pogues, The Tossers and Flogging Molly. With the strong Irish history in many of St. Louis’ neighborhoods on the city’s South Side, Celtic folk music has a rich tradition and a welcome place in our great city. Gaining the love and encouragement of our town, we have crafted our sound by playing a healthy mix of these traditional songs as well as a strong repertoire of our own original music. We began this experiment in the various pubs and festivals of metro St. Louis and built a solid reputation as an entertaining and energetic live music experience and a true-to-form Irish bar band.Rusty Nail takes its name from an Old-Timey beverage made with Whiskey and Drambuie Liqueur. We feel that we are a potent blend of traditional and hard rock elements that works well at any party, club or booze-fueled festivity! In 2011 we released our first “FULL BAND” album, containing many of our original and live show favorites. The record “Boozers, Bastards, and Bards” garnered great local reviews and bore us many new friends and supporters. While we are inspired by these traditional sounds, we aim to put our own spin on Folk Rock. We like to think if Shane McGowan or Liam Clancy grew up listening to Nirvana, they would create music that sounds like Rusty Nail!

So whether it is St. Pat’s and you are looking for a soundtrack for your revelry, or it is the dead of winter and you need a spot of whiskey and a jig to warm you, in Rusty Nail you will always find a great time!

Rusty Nail is:

Alvan Caby – Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals

Chad Ross – Dulcimer, Accordion, Banjo, Guitar, Bouzouki

Chris Otto – Tin Whistle, Native American Flute

Dennis Frentzel – Drums

Kelly LaRussa – Violin

Mark Hochberg – Bass

Pete McAvity – Electric Guitar

Who influenced you across the years?

Chad:As far as celtic music, I used to go local bar that this guy John would play all these Traditional Irish beer drinking along with some punk and 80’s stuff. The regulars would often sign along and make allot noise. So, I thought it would be great to learn those songs and posted an add looking for people wanting to play celtic music. Alvy contacted me and that was the start of Rusty Nail.

Speaking of influences,please name a top 10 of you all time favorites bands

Alvy:Black Sabbath

Bob Dylan

The Pogues

Dropkick Murphys

The Beatles

The Cure

Flogging Molly

Van Morrison

Dinosaur Jr.

Iron Maiden

Chad:Robert Pollard/Guided By Voices

Dinosaur Jr

Uncle Tupelo

Warren Zevon


Dropkick Murphy’s

Bob Mould/Husker Du

Black Sabbath



How the album will be promoted? You guys will start a tour? A video?

Alvy:We are interested in playing some out-of-town shows in the coming months.

Tell us few words about your message,i did notice sad lyrics but in the same time this is an optimistic album..

Alvy:I don’t think we have a „message” per SE.  I took a more honest and personal approach to writing lyrics for these songs.  I stopped trying to create a story that was funny or fake and I wrote about my personal struggles.  I went through a divorce, I had some personal crisis, I hated my job at the time, I was pretty miserable.  The writing has always been a sort-of therapy for me, and perhaps the songs reflect more of the struggle than the success.  I appreciate that you see the optimism in them.  I certainly feel optimistic about the future.  Maybe our next record will be all happy songs.

If you will have to choose a band for a split cd,who it will be and why

Alvy:I don’t know, maybe Taylor Swift.

What the future holds for the band?

Alvy:As long as we still enjoy doing it, we keep writing new material, playing as much as life allows and make as many new friends along the way that we can.

What else you guys are doing beside Rusty Nail?

Alvy:Some of us have other musical projects ranging from Bluegrass to Hard Rock.

A few words for our readers in Romania? Btw no google,what do you know about Eastern Europe? Romania?

Alvy:That is where Dracula is from right? My great Grandparents were actually from Romania.  Its a beautiful country, rich in culture and art, and that landscape is (in my opinion) some of the the most gorgeous sights on the planet.  Maybe someday we can come to Bucharest and play our little songs!

Where people can buy your music?

Chad:CD Baby, Bandcamp, Amazon, Emusic, etc.

Thanks to Alvy and Chad and Rusty Nail.

Interview will be on our 36 number, coming out this Autumn.



Reality Slap interview


Mirceone (MPTYZINE) Hey guys this is Mirceone from mptyzine. How’s life?

Reality Slap:Hi Mirceone, what’s up? All good here man, life’s good!


Congrats first for the album. Tell us few things about it.

Thanks man, we’re really happy with it. We recorded it last year during summer, however it just took a while to arrange everything for the release, however the wait paid off really. We can’t wait

to put it our and just play all the songs live. I think I speak for everyone in the band when I say that this is the happiest we’ve been ever with any record.

For those who do not know you,please make a short bio

Well, if you don’t know us, then you’re clearly missing out ahahah. Not actually 😉

We’re Reality Slap a hardcore band from Lisbon, Portugal. We’ve been around since around 2009 although only last year we’ve started properly touring. We play a kinda old school style with a modern groove to it, fast and short songs in your face really. We’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with a lot of big bands that we love and so far so good.

How are things in War Records family?

War Records have been great to us. Andrew is an amazing and dedicated guy who believed in us since he first heard our songs. We’re still tight with our label in Portugal (Hellxis Records). We’re going to have it released in Portugal and the United States with a worldwide distribution, which is fucking sick for us.

What is the message of Reality Slap and name few bands that have inspired you.

We’ve always had a straight forward, direct message. We talk a lot about injustice, control, disconnection between people. We’re always had kind of a negative approach to these topics, however in this new record we decided to have a more positive say about it. It’s more spiritual in a way but always focussed on specific and important topics of society. I think it’s important to have a message, to have something to say and really feel what you’re singing about. I wouldn’t write songs just for the sake of it. That’s one critic I have to some bands who don’t really have nothing to say so they just speak about nothing. This new record has songs about freedom, soul search, positive change, and the potential within each one of us.

As for bands hat influenced us I can say that New York hardcore played a big part in it. Early Agnostic Front, Breakdown, Dmize, Cro-Mags. Also the Bad Brains.

Stadium gig or pub gig and why?:)

I rather have a packed small venue than a stadium, however I’ve never played on a full stadium, that would be sick as well ahah. I think Reality Slap is a band that really needs to be close to the crowd, I love stage diving and go crazy while performing we feed a lot out of that energy. A hardcore show needs that immersive experience.

What else do you do beside the band

I personally am a graphic designer, we have developers, photographers and website/magazine owners in the band. We kinda have flexible jobs that allow us to take time off and go on tour and sometimes even work while on tour.

Say in 3 words what hardcore means to you

Passion, Rebellion, Freedom.

Agnostic Front or Terror?:)

That’s a tricky question because both bands have been important to the scene in different time periods. I guess probably Terror wouldn’t exist without Agnostic Front, you know what I mean? So I’ll pick AF and also Reality Slap took so much from them. Victim in Pain is such a great record.

If you will build a football team with hardcore bands members,who those bands will be?

Ahah, that’s a funny question. I know that we would be in. We always travel with a football with us. I’ve played football with Madball before so I guess at least Mitts and Freddy would like to be in it as well, and you’d need JJ crop mags cause he is always in shape 😉 Plant based power.

What the future holds for Reality Slap

We have already started working on our next release even though “Limitless” is not out yet. I guess the plan is to do a few tours, play some festivals if possible next year and release something new soon.

Name 3 things that you will take with you on an island

I’d bring a Guitar, a Trampoline and Wilson.

Thank you so much for the time. Few words for our few readers

Thank you so much for getting in touch man, we really appreciate it. I hope we can go to Romania sometime in the future, I’ve never been there so it would be sick. Hopefully we could play a sweet show for those few readers ahah 😉

If you have anything else to add,please feel free to do so. Hc

Thank you once again, keep being active for you scene, Reality Slap Limitless 2016.

Mirceone vs Reality Slap june 2016

The interview will be available on our next number coming up soon.


Interview exclusive: Sammy Battle


Mirceone (Mpty Zine):Hi Sammy this is Mirceone from MptyZine. How things are?

Sammy Battle:Hey Mircea nice to meet you, I’m good thanks.

I know you have started an european tour,how it is so far?

The tour is going great, we’re currently 3 shows in and have 17 to go so it’s early days but it’s been so much fun so far. I have already been to some incredible places and seen so much!

Acoustic folk-punk is a genere that it’s ascending slow, tell me few words about your roots in music?and philosophy

I am originally from a post hardcore band background and as a kid I was into bands like Thrice, Underoath, Saves the Day, Taking Back Sunday, etc. I loved playing in bands but as I’ve got older my ideas have changed and I have ditched playing loud and hard for an acoustic guitar. I really enjoy sharing my stories in the form of a song and hopefully that comes across during a show.

Also please make me a top 10 of your favorites bands.

In no particular order;



Hot Water Music

Taking Back Sunday

Saves the Day



Dave Hause

Sam Russo

Ducking Punches

Tell us a few words about The Seafarer EP.

So The Seafarer is a collection of 5 songs plus a bonus track that I wrote around the time of travelling down the west coast of California. It’s completely DIY from start to finish – I wrote, produced, recorded and pressed the entire EP at home. I drafted in different people to add harmonies and additional instruments. The title track is actually about a swim I did from Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco back to the mainland, it was a brutal challenge but also so beautiful. The song signifies how even when things are really rough, if you knuckle down and push through, you can come out the other side.

What are the main influences for you when you write something?

I generally try to write about real experiences and how I was feeling at that moment in time, it’s a kind of release I guess. I usually start with a bunch of feelings, which turn into lyrics and then I add the music last, although occasionally I start with a simple melody.
If you will end up on a far away island all alone, name 3 things that will keep you busy

  1. A book on survival techniques – I would want to thrive on the island rather than just surviving.
  2. A sharp knife – to forage, hunt and build things.
  3. My guitar – I reckon I’d be writing a lot of songs!

New project for the near future? an LP?

I actually have a bunch of songs I am desperate to record. I have found somewhere I’d like to record and have tons of ideas of how I would like it to sound, so I will hitting the studio hard after this tour so watch this space!

Sammy please share few words with our few online readers.

Firstly thank you so much for taking your time to read this article. I really hope you guys get chance to check out my music and if you ever make it to one of my shows please come over and say hello, one of the best things about touring is meeting new people!

Thank you so much for your time,if you have something else to add,please feel free to do so.

Stay safe and most importantly look out for each other, we’re all in this together!

Much Love

Sammy xM

Mirceone (mptyzine) vs. Sammy Battle-sept.2015

Thanks to Katrin and Flix Records

the interview will be available as well in no.32 coming out soon.


Interview with Tobin (610/Flatfoot 56)-exclusive

Mirceone (MPTY ZINE):Hi Tobin, this is Mircea from mpty zine. How things are with you in the new 2015?

Tobin (610/Flatfoot 56):Things have been going really well.

First of all congrats for the 610 project.i had listen to it and it has took me far away somewhere in my childhood:),simple things,deep and nice. What is the story behind this project?

I have always loved songs and music that takes me to places that are far off and full of memories. The mindset behind this record was to return to a style of music from my early days of learning music with my family. Bluegrass and folk was music that was always around our house and the art of good story telling was a big part of my attraction to these styles.
This album also documents a lot of the feelings and mindsets that I have faced over the last few years. Its been a really hard past few years. Sometimes when your going through rough times, you just need to get it out. This album was key to helping me flesh through what I was feeling, God’s grace, and my own fears and hurts.

It is different than your Flatfoot 56 and speaking of Flatfoot 56, you have some news to share?:)

We are looking to be doing a short European tour in oct. of this year. We are excited to be getting back. We have been talking about doing some more writing as well to see what comes out.

The Humble Beginnings of a Roving Soul was recorded DIY in your bedroom and this is a big deal, how you will promote? a upcoming tour or something?

The album was actually recorded in an attic area of the house I live in. We have a studio set up there. It’s a very warm space with a very comfortable feel. Its a great place to create. We have been promoting through playing shows and trying to be active on our social media outlets. We have a tour scheduled for Europe in Sept and october that we are really excited about. There are so many people we are looking forward to seeing again. We just released a new video for our song „Backpack” which looks amazing and gives people and idea of what the band is like. .
1. 6'10 Bandfoto

Please make me a top 10 with your favorite bands.

I am kind of a strange guy in what i like but here it goes.
I love: Johnny cash, Mississippi John Hurt, Metric, Mewithoutyou, Cock Sparer, Leatherface, the Pogues, Murder by Death, Pete Seager, Bishops Green (Honorable mentions- Brick Assassin, Cro-mags, andrew W.K)

Like you said this album takes you to a journey to childhood,how important are those little simple things nowdays with this speed and these trends?

I think folk music and story telling styles of music are extremely important because they remind us of who we are and where we came from. In this cray world of fast paced technology i think people are getting tired and stressed out. We are loosing track of who we are as people groups and of what we are and cultures. I think that people are returning to folk and simpler music to rediscover that simpler time and pace of life that we as humans were meant to live at. We want music and culture to mean something more then just consumerism and entertainment. We want music that tells us who we are and speaks to the deepest parts of our human struggles.

Name 5 things that you will take with you to a journey.

1. A Bible 2. a note pad 3. My hat 4. my guitar 5. a voice recorder.

Always coming back home to…Chicago:) how’s Chicago underground scene?

Chicago is a great music town. The scene has been strong for a long time. This being said it is always changing and there are always new faces. Its a place that people want to be in. One thing I love is that each neighborhood has its own group of show spaces and punk kids. They all offer a different taste to an already vibrant place.

Some words for our zine?

Never stop loving music and never stop learning about new bands. I love how Europeans research their music. I love how they care and invest in their favorite bands. You guys are a huge part of why we still play.

Thanks Tobin so much for your time and please feel free to add anything.Where people can listen to 610 online? buy the album…

You can find the album on ITUNES, Our website at, in stores throughout europe.

thanks to Tobin,Karin and Felix (Flix Records)

the interview will be on our 30th number OUT SOON.

Los Fastidios-exclusive interview with Enrico

It’s was 2007 when we did our first interview with Enrico. The years passed and the guys are hit the road with a new album: Let’s Do It!,they prepare a new tour in South America and are here to stay. Here’s for the good times.

Ciao Enrico, it’s been awhile since we spoke last time in 2007. How are you?

Hi Mircea, really nice heard about you after long time….here everything is moving like 7 years ago…Los Fastidios, Kob Records, Virtus Verona….only I have closed my records shop (now I have only on line shop) and I changed something in my private life….

First of all congrats for the new material,i did listen the preview, what is his story?

Thanx mate, I’m really excited for this new album, Let’s do it is the title….it born in the last 6 months with the new line up…i really love this album, a typical Los Fastidios album with something more than the past….I hope you will enjoy it

enrico (1)

Since 1991, you are the only constant member in LF, tell me about the „new” members…

Not easy to be part of Los Fastidios, a lot of concerts everywhere in Europe, always ready to start for new shows….sometimes personal work or family cannot permit to do it….In the last 3 years we played not so much for these problems…at the end two old members dedided to step aside and make room to the two new members Mario (guitar) and Dave (drumset) who entered in the band last may with a big enthusiasm !!! Dave is an old friend, seeing it was the drummer of the old band of Alvise (our bass player) and he already played with us in the past few times when the old drummer had some problems with his back. Mario is a young guy, a great guitar player, who was playing together with Dave in a combat band called Hate the Nation.

enrico (2)

How things are moving with KOB?

Not easy life at the moment for indipendent labels in Italy….big problems with the distribution and more a lot of punk rock shops are closed now… we cannot work like in the past…..we released in the last year an album of Guacamaya (italian combat band) and the album of Cantiniero (italian ska band)… the new Los Fastidios album and in few weeks the new Merdonalds (italian punk hc band)….

Tell me what you do beside LF,KOB and Virtus Fans:)

All this things really fill much my life…..I’m really lucky because I can do all of this together my girlfriend Elisa (she is involved in Kob, Virtus Fans and she is the tour manager of the band) and so I can have time to stay also together with her

Last time in your top 10 when we did it few years back were: Cock Sparrer,86 Crew, Simaryp,Specials…still the same this time eh?

Maybe you forget also The Housemartins (my favourite band of ever), The Smiths, the Oppressed…..yes nothing is changed

I saw many good bands that don’t exist anymore and many of the old ones coming back in force, music is still here for the good people,good labels are still here…how hard it is to keep the flame still burning?

It’s not easy….but I think when you have passion in your heart and you have something to say….everything is possible !!!!

Los Fastidios Let's do it - Photo Promo net

I know your love for football, please make me a team of players from the bands that you listen to.

I’m not a trainer….just a supporter…..and I prefere to stay in the terraces than in the ground

I saw few concerts for LF, where you guys will play in the near future?

A big tour is waiting for us…in the next months we will tour all of Europe and in june for the first time we will fly to South America for a tour in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia…..

Few words for our 5 readers please:)

Take your passion in your heart….and may you become proud !!!

Thank you so much for your time Enrico and if you want to add something else please do so.

Keep it up! Thanx to you Mircea and to all the comrades (like you) everywhere in the world give their all to sustain and support the scene !!!! Let’s do it

Mirceone (mptyzine) vs. Enrico (Los Fastidios) – december 2014

thanks to Enrico and LF.

all pics by: Elisa

the interview will be online as well in the new number coming out December 20th,2014.

interview exclusive-Old Coyote Club

1.Hi Kai, how’s life?

Good, still young and pretty.

2.Please tell us a few words about the band

We’re from Kings Lynn, England. We started playing together in summer 2013 and after about 2 months recorded our first EP in my bedroom. It’s called ‘The Clubhouse Sessions’ and is free to download online.

3.Very nice combination of punk with folk and country, tell me something about the influences

As a band our influences range from Folk/Punk/Country/Rock, but every member of the band has completely different tastes extending to Jazz/Metal/Hardcore/Hip Hop etc. It makes it really exciting writing songs together when we all come from completely different musical backgrounds, and the songs begin to take shape when handed over to each other. That’s one of the main reasons I love playing music with Old Coyote Club.

4.The EP has 3 songs, when can we expect a full album

We’re going into the studio this summer to record a new 6-track EP, which we’re currently busy writing. As for an album, we’re gradually working towards it. First albums always set a blueprint for a band so we got to make sure we get it right, and this upcoming EP will show the progression our material is taking.

Fairground Shoot-008

5. I know that you guys are a new band and maybe not a lot of people heard you…so you try to promote somehow?

We’re going to start gigging a lot more this summer, especially when the next EP is released. We’ve all been in other bands before as well which helps, and we’ve got a good group of friends that have been great in supporting us and spreading our music.

6.Anyway a nice name:) so what is the story of it? some friends in UK drinking beer in front of one pub called: Old Coyote? or is something more deep?

It’s not really anything deep, I just really like Coyotes. They’re cool.

7.Name your top 10 when it comes to bands

I can’t put them in order but these are some of my favourites….I.C.H/Ed Ache, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, The Clash, Rancid, Minor Threat, Johnny Cash, Sick of It All, Billie Holiday, Ramones.

8.What else you do besides the band?

We go down our local pub a lot, watch a lot of football and sit around each others houses listening to records and playing guitar.

9.Choose Cash or Dylan:)

Cash or Dylan?! That’s like trying to choose your favourite kid…

Fairground Shoot-002

Thank you for the time and if you have something else to add to our few readers and to eastern europe scene please take this huge chance, you will be on MTV after this online interview:)

Eastern Europe’s cool. Our guitarist is from there (I think), and he’s lovely.

Cheers guys, you can download our new EP ‘The Clubhouse Sessions’ here for Free: – and for more news on all things Coyote

thanks to Kai and OCC.

Mirceone (MPTY ZINE) vs. Kai (OCC) – march 2014

the interview will be also in our 25 th number coming up pdf version.

Total Determinacion-exclusive interview

We catch Richard from Total Determinacion to one discussion online about music,politics and more. We continue to support true DIY bands all over the world.

total determinacion (8)

Hi Richard how the things are in mighty mighty Mexico city?

Richard: They are hot in the capital, allegedly left the government has implemented a policy of criminalization to public protest, large parts of the country are destabilized by drug trafficking. And political and economic reforms of the federal government have unleashed widespread protests, particularly magisterial.

Congrats for the album Musica Contra El Poder,a very nice album. For those who don’t know your band,please tell us something about your history

Totaldeterminacion is formed:Bass: Ivan, Battery: Roberto (Kostal), Guitar: David, Vocals & lyrics: Ricardo (Richard)

The band was formed in late 2006 to the west of Mexico City, began with covers and a few years later we started writing original songs, we recorded a demo in 2008 and finally in 2013 we recorded our first cd.
We are a band declaring antifascist, antiracist and anticapitalist.

total determinacion (7)

What are the main influences from the band? name 5 bands that have influenced you

Iván: The Clash, Autonomía, Skalariak, Ataque 77, Sin Dios

Roberto: Banda Bassotti, Los Pies Negros/Negros Vivos, La Polla Records, Kortatu,

David: Ska-p, 2 Minutos, Skalariak, Kortatu, Todos tus muertos.

Richard: Banda Bassotti, Núcleo Terco, la Polla Records, Attaque 77, Mano Negra

I know a lot of bands from Mexico, please tell me more about the scene there

Totaldeterminacion: The underground scene is healthy in proposals and trends, there is much independent music and self-management, there are still good punk bands, Oi, ska, reggae, etc., there are also quite strong scenes in other parts of the country such as Guadalajara, Mexicali, etc..

In these days is very hard to make a diy album, how you promote yourself?

Totaldeterminacion: All work is independent, always with the support of friends, other bands, etc..
For example, this record was done with resources coming out of the same members of the band and the invaluable support of the Collective MUTEM.

What else you do besides Total Determinacion?

Totaldeterminacion: Those who do not study, work, or do both simultaneously.(Richard is a militant Marxist-Leninist).

I know a lot of bands from Latin America have this anti US attitude, what is your status regarding US politics,specially with Mexico…

Richard: Our relationship with the United States is difficult, in 1847 we invaded and took away more than half of the country, as part of Latin America have suffered Yankee imperialist policy, each coup, as you visualize Bolivar: „Los Estados Unidos parecen destinados por la Providencia a plagar la América de miserias en nombre de la libertad” (the United States seems destined by Providence to plague America with misery in the name of freedom).
Particularly dream of the day when we can see the Empire destroyed and the White House in ruins.

Any plans for a new material, concerts?

Totaldeterminacion: For now we concentrate on spreading the disc, for the time being disseminated on the Internet, but soon will be released in CD format, and continue to work on new songs.
With the year almost over recent events will also come, but in 2014 back harder.

total determinacion (6)

Do you support any footbal team?

Totaldeterminacion: Each has its own team, particularly bassist Necaxa (Mexico), guitarist Cruz Azul (Mexico) and singer Pumas UNAM (Mexico) &AS Livorno (Italy).
„Against modern football”

Choose one band with you will love to make a split CD (new and old)

Iván: Autonomía (Perú)
Richard: Mano Negra (Francia)

I ask everybody in the end. do you know something about Romania and the scene here?

Richard: From Romania know the country’s history, from antiquity (Dacia), until the communist era, today’s not much, and not know the music scene.

Leave us one message for our online readers

Totaldeterminacion: For readers who keep reading MPTYzine, listen and pirating our music, and all music independent and rebellious in general.

Thank you so much, if you have something to add please fell free.

Totaldeterminacion: Thanks for diffusion, support and remember that not only is fun, it is essential to go out and do battle to destroy the capitalist exploitative system.
Greetings from Mexico City, ¡will continue making music against power!

Mirceone vs. Total Determinacion november 2013

contact the band