The Infested – Raw Ensemble promo

MptyZine promo exclusive for Romania- The Infested-HC/Punk-UK
The Infested will blow your P.A. for sure. I did listen to them on repeat for last few hours, is fast and is angry and full of energy. Brings back memories and is true to the bone and is in the pure underground punk.They are coming from Leeds (UK) and this is their 3rd material: Raw Ensemble that will be out on 21st May on EHC Records (Colored Vinyl, CD and Digital Download). Has 12 songs in a mix of Hardcore/punk with some ska elements, all made in 90’s skatepunk scene, for all the kids on the streets!!!.
Strong lyrics about terrorism, political and religious war around the world, social media and tv brainwash, financial system and internet shopping propaganda or sharing memories about tours and past gigs are themes in this album. Everything packed raw, crazy guitar riffs with angry and fast vocals, a reminder that good old days are not over, the same gang with the same old van sharing memories. Pure and true, fast raw hardcore punk for all the angry kids.
More info about them: also don’t forget to check EHC Records on: or on Thanks to Shay and Infested.



1. Believe
2. Hoax
3. Shackles
4. Shackles (Part 2)
5. Fight Or Flight
6. Dopamine
7. Monsters
8. SSRI Or Die?
9. Busy To Survive
10. Another Life
11. Outro
12. Turn The Page (Demo Version)


Promo cd’s: Los Fastidios, Black Volvo,86Crew

Mighty mighty Los Fastidios are back with their 8th studio album. The band formed in Verona somewhere in 1991, last year they had their Best Of, 25 years of combat ska-punk! In 2017 is time for kids to be ready for Sound Of Revolution. This album has it all from finest ska sounds to streetpunk and from oi! to rocksteady. 12 tracks for every rude boy, punk, skin out there, themes are speaking about injustice in any form, equality, human and animal rights. The album has as well guests from SKASSAPUNKA and REDSKA, also it feature a ska medley from The Specials’s „You’re Wondering Now” and Cock Sparrer’s „We’re Coming Back”, also a cover after Manu Chao-Clandestino. I will say that this is my 2nd favorite from them after Rebels’n’Revels from 2006.
Check them on FB (Los Fastidios official) or online at: and as well check the other releases from KOB Records! Good stuff. KIDS ARE READY!!!



Who dosen’t know these guys, better Google them and listen! 86 Crew are one of the old school bands when it comes to skihnead reggae scene, formed in 1995 in Paris (and suburbs), the band is well known for their ska-oi-reggae-punky beat. Working Class Reggae is their latest album from 2017 with 18 tracks and 1h:15 minutes of skankin mood for your soul. One of the best albums so far from them, good vibes, good friends and skankin all night. This album has the perfect rhythm, has trumpets and brings back memories. For all the rudeboys, bootboys this is for you!. Make sure to check them out. Personal favorite: Baisse D’un Ton, Ballroom Bash and Yesterday I Was.


1. Promesses
2. Reggae Music Is So Nice
3. Lion En Cage
4. Sur Le Pick Up
5. Une Fois Pour Toutes
6. Le Parisien
7. Baisse D’un Tone
8. Ballroom Bash
9. Le Controle
10. Rien A Prouver
11. Yesterday I Was
12. Confusion
13. Dub Music Is So Nice
14. Pick Up Dub
15. Dub Parisien
16. Dub D’un Ton
17. Dub Controle
18. Yesterday I Dub


TNS Records presents the new album by Black Volvo, Bad Driving. 17 punk rock songs in 35 minutes, fast, energic and loud, with catchy and singalong choruses (Punkrock Family, Rebel Revolution Red Wine, To Shit Is To Live) and lots of laughs and irony. The album will drive you back to the punkrock of 90’s the way should be, just music, friends and having a laugh, party hard and break down the walls…and neighbors. Unity and respect for the underground scene, these Dutch boys for sure will make you jump. A DIY made with love! Make sure to check them on FB and as well other good releases from UK label TNS: The album was Cheers!


1. To Shit Is To Live
2. Paranoia
3. Punkrock Family
4. Molly
5. Hangin’ Johnny
6. Trailer
7. Self Medicator
8. Repeat Again & Again
9. Pants On Fire
10. Hillegom Hellbound
11. Eagle Mind
12. Drunk Train
13. Lazy Bones
14. Burlesque Dancer
15. Woodwork Saved My Life
16. Irish Man In A Scottish Pub
17. Rebel Revolution Red Wine


The Fatty Farmers-Escape From Dirty Pigs (promo)


Mpty Zine promo exclusive for Romania:

Celtic rock mixed with punk’n’roll and some country these are the ingredients of the new album „Escape From The Dirty Pigs” from spanish band The Fatty Farmers. They are a kind of good thing, good guys of the Spanish music underground scene. Acoustic guitar, electronic guitar, drums, accordion, irish whistles, bagpipes, violin and a village irish mood if i can say that. 16 tracks that will remind you of Flogging Molly, The Pogues, The Mahones and many more. They have been on stage on many of the important festivals around Spain, Portugal etc and a live set that is full of energy and will make you dance and jump.
Hope you will enjoy it as much as i did. Cheers!
Thanks to Waldo and Fatty Farmers.


Herida Profunda // Hellbastard 12″split

Promo Banner_net

Mpty Zine promo for Romania

You should know these guys already, we did an interview not so long ago. They are based in Poland and UK and they are crazy as fuck. Yes we are talking about Herida Profunda a crust punk/grind for the fine ears, for your chaotic thoughts in your head. Full of noise and anger with social and political lyrics for sure is something you don’t want to miss. Now i’m not too much into crust/grind but i must admit that sometimes you need this kind of positive anger. About Hellbastard, most of the crust punk listeners don’t need any presentation, they are the veterans of UK scene since 1984. It’s all about passion, energy, anger and respect for others. Crust punk to the bone!!! At the end to quote Herida: „It was and will be FUCK THE POLICE. Now, anytime, anywhere.
You can check them on Bandcamp at:

The 12″ split is co-released by:
Vleesklak Records / Belgium
Tercer Mundo / Chile
Here And Now Records / Italy
Incredible Noise Records / Germany
Phobia Records / Czech Republic
Grind Your Mind Records / Brazil
NIC Records / Poland
783 Landsberg Hardcore Crew / Poland
Svoboda Records / France
Civilisation-Records / Germany
D.I.Y Kolo Records / Poland
Mundo En Kaos Records / Mexico
Pandora Records / Germany
Other info: Limited edition of 1000 copies.
Every copy comes with a Band and Record Label Insert on 250g board and an exclusive DinA3 poster.
First 200 copies come with a special cover by Gravelord Artwork and screenprinted by Rozbrat Squat DIY Crew.
There are also few testpresses in existance and available for sale – distributed only by WOOAAARGH / Germany.

Promo Regular Pic Lp_net

Thanks to Edi from Herida Profunda.

One Step Records/Mad Butcher – promo

Devasted – Hopeless

This is the latest material from Devasted brought to you by One Step Records (Italy) and Mad Butcher Records (Germany). At two years after „Never Give Up” the band from Parma (Italy) is still full of rage, frustration and 100% punk rock with fists in the air. Social problems, politics, street life all packed with clear words and furious choruses, 30 minutes of punk rock mixed with a little of Hardcore makes this album one that you need to listen at full volume.
The band has also toured in many cities around Europe and they are hiting the road again, for their 10 years aniversary. Also they have shared the stage with bands like: Angelic Upstarts, UK Subs,The Adicts or Strawberry Blondes, something special from old school to the new school with influences from Clash and Ramones until Rancid or Pennywise.


The Bankrobbers – Folgen

The Bankrobbers will make your winter hot and your thoughts will be in sunny Jamaica, with their new album Folgen (One Step Records), a 2Tone Ska with a little punk that will make you jump. A good combination and inspiration from bands like: Statuto, Madness, The Specials, Bad Manners or The Clash with a strong antifascist attitude all acompanied by the trumpet sound. If you are looking for a pizza in the sun or you are just a simply working class hero that want to dance then put the dancing shoes, raise the glass, start skanking cause the scooter boys are back in town.


Rude & The Lickshots – Lickshots

Lickshots is the first material from Rude and The Lickshots also from mighty One Step/Mad Butcher Records. Rude (on his name Luca Lombardo) is a very known singer and musician and DJ as well who has been involded in different projects and colaborations accros the time with bands like: Ghetto 84, Manu Chao,Fermin Muguruza, Cypress Hill,Redska,Obrint Pas. This project was born in Dresden (Germany) and is a combination of early skinhead reggae, jamaican rock n roll with punk rock attitude.
The inspiration for this album comes from bands like: The Aggrolites,Ramones, Clash, Trojan records sound, Laurel Aitken or Dessmond Dekker. 15 tracks about old times, independent and real music from the heart, friendship and unity that goes perfect in any Friday evening along the ones that you love. The band has already couple of shows in Catalunya and Basque Country and they prepare to tour Europe, Japan and Mexico for 2014.
The band will take you to a journey of traditional ska-reggae with dirty sounds („I miss Reggae” a tribute to the hall of fame of ska reggae such as: Laurel Aitken, Dessmond Dekker, Skatalites and more) also two great covers after I Fought The Law and Harder They Come (Mas Duro Vendran).Music for your soul.


Sandokan and Manicomio Latino – Ghigno Maligno

This project was born in 2005 and this is their last material in 2013 Ghigno Maligno (that means Evil Grin). Sandokan is the singer also from Banda Bassotti and also in the catalan band La Maquina and was involved in many projects like: trombonist in Radici Nel Cemento or Fermin Muguruza and also he participate as a special guest for Laurel Aitken (The Godfather Of Ska) in his Japanese tour.
For this project another two players from Banda Bassotti are present: Maurizio Gregori (saxophone) and Sandro Travarelli (trumpet). 16 classic latin ska reggae mixed with a little punk rock and a lot of attitude. Freedom sounds, freedom of thinking, against media and television, against oppresion and power abuse. We recommend: Mariposa Loca (in english that means Crazy Butterfly) and Open Your Mind.


thanks to Fra and One Step Records.

see you in 2014. thank you for all your support. stay punk,stay rebel…always stay yourself

Ska-P promo album 99%


After 5 years since their last album Lagrimas Y Gozos, Ska-P are back with a new single and a new album for 2013. 99% the new album and the new two singles: Se Acabo and Canto A La Rebelion will be released for march 2013. With the projects such as: No relax or The Locos the band is returning with full force and of course in the same theme: ska and punk with powerfull social and ironic lyrics in 15 tracks that will make you jump. You Tube is already full of shares of the two new singles and we are waiting for the album. Put the fist in the air, put the skankin shoes cause the kings are back.
A brief history: formed back in 1994 in Spain, Vallecas (Madrid) and after 6 studio albums and many singles Ska-P become one of the best bands in this area. If you are into bands like: Boikot, Skalariak, Talco then if you didn’t listen to this then you MUST put an ear to this.Cheers!

all pictures (C) ska-p


A Poor Excuse label promo cd’s

A Poor Excuse is the newest label promoted in Romania by Mpty Zine

„A Poor Excuse is a label and booking agency that delivers more than music. We deliver impressions on albums and on stage. A Poor Excuse are working with several acts within the  Irish, Punkrock, Folk, Rock n Roll, Hardcore, Thrash, Rockabilly, SKA and Troubadour genres.”


Sir Reg has surprised me since the first audition, a Celtic punk as mother’s home (in Irleand of course), maybe for the fact that the singer is Irish.Band was known as The Barcrawlers and played a good piece of time by various Irish pub sites in Scandinavia. This Is Sir Reg is their new material that will make your appetite for beer and whiskey, but good to listen with friends Friday night. The band has a lot of influential names such as Pogues, Cash, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly and The Dubliniers with catchy choruses, violin, Banjos and appetite for dancing.


Always War succesfully complete the hardcore scene form Sweeden. The band was formed in 2007 inspired by bands like: Agnostic Front, Madball, Cro Mags or Merauder. Vengeance Prevail is the new material released from A Poor Excuse, a powerfull mix of hardcore and metal with some punk elements. This album has everything from energy, to hate, mosh pit parts, hardcore attitude in your face, and full of force, from old to new school all with love. You will certain not regret if you’ll try these guys. Recommend: These Are The Ways.


Move on you mother fuckers, these guys will smash you on the ground. Bad Dreams Always brings 8 tracks of pure hate and anger, they make a brutal hatecore since 1988. In the early 1990’s these guys were one of the most popular bands in the underground sweedish scene, with a sound reminiscent of S.O.D. and D.R.I. they bring energy and aggressiveness to the full. 20 Centuries Of Hate it’s the latest relase,a crazy, hateful, with a strong social message album, full of rage. After 20 years of activity BDA have enough force to make you destroy everything. I recommend: The Bible.


Damien is a Swedish group formed somewhere in 1999. The band has a border vision on music, they have a solid musical background and have influences from melodic metal, punk, blues, rock n roll and jazz. Kings Of Rock, Queen Of Roll brings 5 tracks with an exceptional voice from Michelle (the lead singer), and has been released in the fall of 2010 at their own label: Grammofoninstitutet and has been promoted by a very succesful video for the song We Are The Kids. Currently the band is in studio for the first full lenght, which be released sometime in early 2012, and of course take their time for some concerts in Sweedn and Germany. A lot of influences and a lot of good music with feeling.


Mother Misery formed in 2004 in Sweeden and Standing Alone is the latest album, 11 tracks of musical maturity for the band in all ways from instrumental to lyrics. I’m not into heavy rock but this album rocks.The band brought some influences from Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters and others like but they have their own originality. Standing Alone has sold very well in the first 6 weeks of release and Mother Misery are a very well appreciated rock band in Sweeden. It’s a plus for the band and they are one the right way.

thanks to Patricia (APX booking/label) and to the bands. all cd’s are promoted in Romania by MPTY ZINE