Smokin’ Sam Babin – Volume 4: Stonerpunk promo

cover Volume 4: Stonerpunk

Smokin’Sam Babin i think will go really good with this isolation, go crazy in your home and create some punk rock. Originally from Chicago, now moved to Iowa this is a project of a one man show/army. Started in March 2019, in just a bit of more than one year grow rapid with 4 materials, the last one being: Volume 4: Stonerpunk. This was released this year in January and has 17 tracks really fast and with punk attitude, angry and full of imagination (on some titles as well). The covers as well have something psychedlic like the videos as well, with nice cropings and scenes from old movies and cartoons, is really nice collage. You can see the video for Shooting Silver Bullets bellow.
The titles are as well a bit weird, but in a nice way and i started to bang my head with the lyrics like: ” if I hear ya shitty critics guess what I don’t give a fuck so take that shit and light it up”. or „Triceratops, triceratops”. All in all is about legalize it everywhere, be nice, make music, don’t take shit from nobody! Real deal, punk rock attitude.

1.Coyote Sets Fire to the Earth 04:16
2.Shooting Silver Bullets
3.Like a Schnuck
4.Cowboy Killers
5.Anubis Sativa
6.Harry Anslinger (The Spaceout Laws Part 2)
8.Dr. Heckle and Mr. Hide
9.Her Electric Wings
11.Dooby-Dooby Wah (Ritchie Valens Tribute)
12.It’s Batshit-Man!
13.Maighdean Mhara Marijuana
15.Smokin’ Sam Vs. Lex Lutheran and Morman Bates

check the links bellow:

Reverbnation / Soundcloud / Bandcamp

Union Thugs – FOLKLORE OUVRIER ( Rebel Time Records promo)

cover Union Thugs

Ok, other good news from Rebel Time Records, we are talking about Union Thugs and their first EP, FOLKLORE OUVRIER (Folklore Worker). The band formed in Montreal, Canada and they are coming from different bands punk/oi like: Action Sedition and Mayday. They are 6 workers first and then musicians that are brining the workers condition and different problems into a folk/oi sound. The EP is a collection of covers of working class anthems in their oi/folk style. The members are not only musicians and they have involved in many projects and organizations like: RASH (red and anarchists skinheads), COBP ( committee opposed to police brutality) and more, this is true working class band and sound, songs in English and French, with sing along choruses and with fists in the air. The EP is out like i said on Rebel Time Records in Canada, and other good labels around the world that promote the true and honest punk and working class culutre like: Discos Machete in Mexico, Dure Realite in Canada, Fire and Flame Music in Germany, Kale Borroka in Basque Country, Rudy’s Back in France. Think about Angelic Upstarts, Molodoi, Brigada Flores Magon and many many others that had something to say and raise their voice on working class problems. The EP has a nice video of the classic Partisan song on youtube and we are waiting for more. SOLIDARITÉ! SOLIDARITY! Something to listen and think!
Thanks to Randy and Rebel Time for the album and also for the 20 pages zine with some history about working class movement.

2.War on the Workers
3.Les Piqueteuses de la gloire
5.Union Maid
6.La complainte des ouvriers
7.Preamble to the IWW Constitution

Union Thugs – Partisan

Rebel Time Records promo


Afterboltxebike are back with a new EP of 3 tracks out on Discos Machete, Dure Realite (the label from Brigada Flores Magon), Incendiario, Rebel Time Records. The band formed in 2015 in San Nicolas de los Garza, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The name of the band is coming from a song by Kortatu. This is a real working class/partisan punk rock with hc and oi influences, with a strong message anti capitalism, against police oppresion and human rights, equality and solidarity. The members of the band as well they are involved in a lot of social and political initiatives. You can listen to them to the Rebel Time Records bandcamp and as well check their videos for Manifesto and ACAB (a really nice cover made in spanish after Hate The Police by The Dicks. Raise your fist and listen to them loud. The EP as well is available as name your price download on bandcamp. Salud y libertad!!!


2.Consciencia De Clase

banner promo
Manifesto video


The Fallout from Toronto, Canada are back with „The Times Have Never Changed” it is the new LP since their EP in 2018 „Raise Your Flag and Other Anthems”. There are 15 new tracks with a mix of Anti Flag meet Dead Kennedys, Angelic Upstarts or DOA. The band lyrics are about politics, injustice and day by day issues of the world. Rebel Time Records from Canada and Discos Machete from Mexico made the album possible. Real protest punk rock, melodic and furious in the same time. Passionate and really committed to a lot of their causes, this is a band that keeps in mind RATM quote „doing is the best way of saying”. So for all the crisis that is around the globe, all the protests and racism, this will be the perfect album. The album can be found on Discos Machete, Rebel Time Records and as well on their bandcamp page as pay-what-you-like. They have a first video for the The Time Have Never Changed and you can check Rebel Time Records you tube page for more. My personal favorites: Raise Your Flag (a strong message and a sing along chorus) and One Last Struggle. Resistance, solidarity and unity!!!


1.The Times Have Never Changed
2.Wage Slave
3.Can’t Take It
4.Meat Of The Matter
5.One Last Struggle
7.Failure Of Character
8.Holding Up Half The Sky
9.Blood Drunk
10.Red Light Union
11.Raise Your Flag
12.Turn It Down
13.Set Us Up
14.National Security
15.Shock And Awe

Thanks to Randy from Rebel Time Records. Cheers!

Oi!Corres – ST 2020


Oi!Corres presents their new material self titled with 6 tracks. The band formed in 2013 in Argentina and they have their first material out in 2014. Their sound is a mix of streetpunk/oi with sing along choruses. This is the sound of working class, the sound of the streets, their lyrics are about various social problems, against police brutality and of course football and beer. It’s about having fun and do this proud with your friends. The EP is out on Oi! Algo Está Pasando!from Argentina. If you are into The Oppressed, Evil Conduct and any of the good oi bands then you need to check them out.
Make sure you will check all the bands on their bandcamp. Kuatro Barrios, Tango 14, Espiritu Callejero, Camorra, Ración Doble, Terapia Intensiva and more.


1.El tiempo pasa
2.Viejo orgullo nuevas glorias
4.Tiro de skina
5.Como hermanos

The Oldians – Roots’N’Soul (Nice & Easy) promo


The Oldians Roots’N’Soul (Nice & Easy) cover

The Oldians are just the perfect mix nowdays to dance in your house. Their history began in 2001 in Cataluña and their mix is a traditional ska and jazz. Roots’N’Soul (Nice & Easy) is their new material in 2020 and has 12 tracks for the fans of any ska orchestra band. Think about Melbourne Ska Orchestra, New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, The Skatalites and many many more, everything made simple and with passion out on Liquidator Music. So if it’s a bit of ska, a bit of jazz, a bit of reggae, and a lot of beautiful voice of Saphie Wells. Sing along, and zighidap for the good times and vibes. My new favorite biking album.
More about them on FB and listen to the album on Liquidator Bandcamp HERE


01 – Feeling High
02 – Oh! What a Day
03 – A Little Bit of Trust
04 – The Root
05 – Talking About
06 – The Answer Is Love
07 – Easy Loving
08 – Reaction
09 – If You Don’t Know
10 – Walking by the Line
11 – Hold Me
12 – When the Spring Comes Back

Puerco – La Otra Violencia promo

portada la ota violencia

Well first when i was listening to Puerco i said finally a punk band the way should be. The guys are coming from Guadalajara, Mexico and La Otra Violencia is their 4th album, this year they will have their 20th year anniversary. All the albums are in the same honest style, there are a lot of bands that started with anger and finished in totally different directions, not Puerco. As always will be injustice, abuse and other social problems and you can always choose to raise your voice for something. They have a strong message for liberty, human and animal rights and enviroment. 8 tracks of pure punk rock the way should be: honest and angry. You can check them on bandcamp HERE and look for them on FB HERE

Annotation 2020-03-25 111509


1.Unión y rechazo
2.Humano, honorable humano
3.Piensa y libérate
5.Alma de acero
8.Demasiado viejo

Andrew Paley – promo singles Scattered Light

Photo By Ben Bernschneider

Oi amigos! Today i will share a promo a bit more special. I want to present you to Andrew Paley. He is known for his band The Static Age. They are a post-punk from Burlington, Vermont and Chicago, IL, they have been toured in Europe, Russia, Japan and of course in US. In Romania they have played in 2016. Andrew is presenting his new material „Scattered Light” that will be out on Highwires this summer of 2020. The album has already 3 singles already: Caroline, One Match Fire and the latest one called Give Up. There is romance and honestity along with poetry in all his songs. It’s a trip into your soul and brings you optimism and a simple smile. It is nice and relaxing as the other three previous materials and brings emotion back to life. A nice touch! A personal favorite is One Match Fire, it’s a nice video and awseome lyrics.
Thanks to Felix from Flix Records and Andrew.

Caroline single cover

One Match Fire single cover

Give Up single cover

Caroline lyric video

One Match Fire (official video)

Give Up lyric video

Bronze – Serbia Hardcore


Today i will bring my attention to our neighbor countries, Serbia. I am a bit familiar with some bands from there and i must say that they are growing each day (not the same i will say for Romania), a lot of good heavy music and i am proud that the Balkan heavy is going strong. After the 90’s countries of ex Yugoslavia and our neighbors from Bulgaria started to rise up (jsut to name Atheist Rap, AK47 or The Boyonets the ones that i like) and of course bands from Novi Sad, Zagreb and Belgrade. Bronze are coming from the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade and their sound is a mix of hardcore and punk, energic and angry. The riffs and sounds of NYHC or BostonHC sound mixed with power and attitude for the fans of Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, Madball, Terror and here i am just naming the „big names”. They have an EP from 2018 called Ticking Bomb and in 2019 another 4 tracks on Disease. In 2020, in March they have a new single called BLIND SERVANT!. The song is a protest against police (and not only) oppresion, talks about unity and protest. Also the band on all their materials has a strong anti-war, anti fascist message with lyrics talking about various social problems, that are typical for the countries in the Balkans. Sing along, raised fists and HC made with passion old school.


Check the band here: BANDCAMP / FACEBOOK


LYRICS Blind Servant

Bouncers are cracking a door, to take all that’s left.
Someone’s dignity taken away, means no shit today.
Who’s gonna save you, when your time is up?
When you will be standing alone, and praying for your own life.
Repression is out of control. Rich gets richer by taking from poor.

Blind servant of the regime, execute the crime.
Who’s gonna save you, when your time is up?
When you will be standing alone, and praying for your own life.
Stand against this misery and show the strength of your raised fist!
Who’s gonna save you when your time is up?

Stand against this misery and show the strength of your raised fist!


Thanks to Rajko and Bronze.

Treason – sXe HC – True Believers EP

Treason promo photo high res
Treason band – promo photo

Oi you! You must check this band, straight from the streets of Cincinnati, Ohio with a blast in your ears: Treason. They are a sXe hardcore in your face band that presents their new material out in March 2020: True Believers. The band formed in 2017 but they have decades of experience behind, the members are coming up from bands like: Suffocate Faster, One Nation Under Blood, Blood Has Been Shed or Terror. And speaking of bands, their sound is raw, fast and agry for the fans of: Biohazard, Hatebreed, Madball, Gorilla Biscuits…so all good things from NYHC to WestCoast sound, packed in sXe attitude and positivity.
The band is signed with the hc label New Age Records (you need to check them as well for some heavy stuff), and this is their 2nd EP after No One Is Safe.
True Believers has 5 tracks of pure madness, heavy riffs and good for mosh! See ya in the pit!

Check the band on FB / BANDCAMP, also check NEW AGE RECORDS for some cool bands and merch.


1. True Believers
2. Please Believe
3. We Are Against
4. N.O.I.S.(E)
5. Balaclava

Treason -True Believers- cover high res

stay tunned for our new number coming up soon. Treason will be featured here. Thanks to Mike from New Age Records. Cheers.

Out Of Bounds – new single and UK video tour

Out Of Bounds cover single Enough

Out Of Bounds are back in 2020 with a new single titled Enough. They have as well the video filmed in their UK tour. We did write a bit about them in 2019 when they have released their EP Eat, Sleep & Greed. The single goes on the same path of punkrock made in the 90’s with a bit of hardcore that will remind you of Propaghandi, Pennywise or Strung Out. The danish trio already have the song up on Bandcamp and i will recommend you to visit them on FB or Bandcamp. In short words if you remember the old Offspring and NOFX albums, this is something for you. All their materials are released thru 5Feet Under in Denmark and Entes Anomicos in Germany. Melodic punk of the 90’s in your stereo.

UK tour video for Enough here: