Interview: NH3 (ska-core Italy)

I know these guys for 3 years and are absolutely awesome, a ska-core made in Italy. I know them since they called Ammoniaka, now they change the name in NH3 and come on the road again with a new single at One Step Records.

MPTY ZINE: Hey. What’s up?

NH3: Hi guys! We’re currently recording and producing our new album! We are very proud and excited for what we have done until now and what we are still doing! We have recorded our second album during the last spring and the sound obtained is the one expected! We are currently working on other projects, including one video and the promotion of our single. So everything’s ok!

NH3 is ammonia formula … why this name change?

The passage from Ammoniaka to NH3 is meant to underline the change,naturally happened, of our sound and lyrics. The new album deals with topics in a more direct and determined way, talking about important political/social issues. Also the music itself has changed a lot. The ska/punk has left to let the coming of a faster and effective ska/core, with some influences of reggae or punk/hc as well. We enjoyed to try different sounds. The change in the name has been done in accordance with our label One Step Records and it represents also the growth of the band from a young one to a grown and mature one under all aspects.

You released the first single, are you preparing something new?

Yes, our new single is out (the first under the new name NH3). We would like to remember you that on our website and on the label one you can freely download it. For now we are focusing on the promotion of our new album (you can find the video promo on our Youtube channel Other things that are already scheduled are the release of our new album (end of the summer) and the realization of the video of our new single „Heroes without a face”.

Are you starting some gigs to promote you?

Yes, we are currently on the road from the beginning of the summer to promote the single, even if the proper tour that our agency Make a Dream is organizing will begin at the same time of the releasing of the new album.

How people have received new single? are you happy?

They are a lot of people have downloaded (for free!) the single and we are very proud of that. We are very happy about how things are going and all the compliments we are receiving from the people that have already heard the single. We are very satisfied.

What is the atmosphere at One Step Records?

At One Step Records we feel at home. We have a mutual friendly and respectful relationship with all of them. We have the opportunity to work with very kind and experienced people, that are always available to help all the bands of the rooster. From a lot of years now they have been working in the best way to promote new alternative bands, their interests and we have never doubted about their professionalism. We are very happy to release our second album again with One Step Records.

Tell me some bands that influenced NH3 sound

Very difficult question! I would say BIG D AND THE KIDS TABLE, REEL BIG FISH, CLASH, IRIE REVOLTES, RANCID, BOUNCING SOULS, FLATLINERS, REDSKA, SUBLIME, RX BANDITS, RISE AGAINST and lots of more. We are listening to different type of music, we love music and what we finally play is a mix of everything we are listening to.

Give me an example of a band that you want to do one featuring

We strongly believe on the featuring. We really appreciate the more famous band that want to help emerging bands. We have already achieve a very big dream by having in our new single the voice of Olly, ex singer of the Shandon (now lead voice in THE FIRE band). If we started to play it has been because of bands like the Shandon, and we are still very happy to hear our songs performed with other people from other bands. Our relationship with them means a lot to us. One unrealistic dream of ours would be hearing one of our song performed by Joe Strummer. We don’t know if he can hear us now, we really miss him, and he together with the clash has changed the life of at least half of the members of our band.

Where do you see NH3 in about 10 years?

I can’t answer to this question. The only thing i can say is that we will continue to work for our passion, for what is our life.

Thanks for the interview and if you want to add something please do.

I would like to thank you and the MPTY ZINE! I thank all the guys that are following you and I say hi to all of them. Let’s continue to resist, to support the music scene and to fight for what we believe. Thank you very much again for the time we were given and for your interest in us.
I would like to remember that NH3 are making their new single ” EROI SENZA VOLTO ” freely downloading on their website and on
For further information about us, visit our facebook page: and!/NH3skacore, as well as our youtube channel and our Myspace profile

Mirceone vs. NH3 – august 2011. Thanks to NH3 and to Fra from One Step Records.


One Step Records news

One Step Records prezinta doua noi single-uri semnate: NH3 (ex AMMONIAKA) si JOEBALALLA

click AICI pentru a descarca noul single NH3-Eroi Senza Volto

click AICI pentru a descarca noul single JOEBALALLA-Che Bella Italia

One Step Records sunt prezenti in Romania prin MPTY ZINE!

AMMONIAKA-new album!-30 agosto 2002

MPTY ZINE presents for Romania:

One Step Records brings out Ammoniaka’s first album. After seven years since the founding, the band releases its first album with trumpets. A mix of California skacore and a little hardcore and some rocksteady and traditional ska. The album is about youth’s problems, about the neverending struggle against all prejudice, about friendship and the attack the mass media takes against population, it’s a smooth irony for the „modern” culture amongst youth and other social categories. It’s an album full of skank, punk and rocksteady!
There is also a tribute to the Ramones in „i dischi del mio padre”, that’s definitely the best song on this album. It’s a good album also instrumentally speaking, with all the features it needs for a good skank, a powerful message and also great guests: redska or la braghe corte.
This is a band that gives you a great dose of adrenaline even in the first note of the first song, a band that created a very optimistic album in the same time.
You can order it at or you can visit Ammoniaka’s webpage ( This really is a must have for the genre’s followers.


1. 11:49:27 pm
2. I Dischi di mio padre feat. Victor (la braghe corte)
3. La teoria del matto
4. Non ce la faccio piu
5. 11:59:27 pm
6. 30 agosto 2002
7. Non riesco a restare
8. A4 di spade
9. Il resto non conta feat. Il Duca, De Veggent (redska) migliore non vince mai
11.Sara perche ti amo
12.Roxy bar
14.Luigi’s trip feat. Il Duca, De Veggent (redska)


Interview: Ammoniaka

Ammoniaka este una din trupele  nou venite la ONE STEP RECORDS, alaturi de alte nume ca: RSBO, Redska, Quartiere Coffee sau Stiliti. Un prim interviu al baietiilor pentru un fanzin.


MPTY:Hey Simone, what’s up?

Simone:Hi Mircea, first of all let me say hello to you and everyone who reads your Fanzine! Everything is all right, we’re just back from our concert it really kicked ass!

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