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Off Beat are coming from Italy, and formed somewhere in 1994. Their sound is raw with various influences from 60’s, surf rock, and of course the energetic rock’n’roll and rockabilly era. To be honest i am not listen to a lot of bands like Off Beat, and they have surprised me as i leave the album in the background and started to move:). This is something to look is you like the old school elements from British punk invasion and any kind of „proto-punk” and psychedelic elements. My personal favorite: Sunshine and That’s I Know. Good mood, good vibes, good music to dance. Cheers.

Thanks to Daniele Boretto.

Jokerface-ska from Alps

MptyZine promo exclusive for Romania.

Jokerface 2017 - CD Cover (Medium)

This is for sure a band that drives me back 10 years ago in my hometown with my friends dancing like crazy. Jokerface are coming from the Alps in South Tyrol/Italy and are playing a ska/reggae that will go directly to your soul. They have started in 2004 as a punk band but with years they have changed a bit with traditional ska, early 60’s Jamaican beats, a bit of Mod and Rocksteady all together packed with feelings and soul. 10 tracks to skank, share a beer and remember the good old days. My personal favorites: „I Remember”, „Lucky Man” and „Jokerface”. One of the good bands to start in 2018 and one band to check for sure. Check them on

1.Jokerface 2.Rock My Soul 3.Time Will Show 4.I Remember 5.Troubles 6.Lonely Boy 7.Trippin’ 8.Lucky Man 9.School Bully 10.Sticks and Stones

For the fans of: 86 Crew, Scrapy, No Respect, The Orobians, RedSka, Valkyrians

Jokerface 2017 - Bandpic - RGB (Medium)

Rifiuto HC/Estampida-Split EP

mpty zine promo for Romania

Fight Against is a brand new split from italian band Rifiuto HC and south american band: Estampida. With 12 tracks (6 each) and a length of 12 minutes this split will explode in full force in your stereo. Pure HC/punk in the way should be: fast,full of anger and attitude that will make you jump and raise your fist. With a powerfull social message speaking of materialism,rich people above the law and the brainwash from media and plastic society and as well the underground music scene that become nowdays another trend for boored teenagers.Check this guys if you are into old school real hardcore/punk.

estampida rifiuto hc

Toten Schwan – promo

Toten Schwan is a DIY label and distro from Italy who still belive in DIY spirit and a huge passion for them.They have a lot of goodies on their website from good bands and arts to cd/vinyls and more.
Most of the generes are various from punk,hardcore,garage,post punk,post hardcore.From the bands we can remind you: Hate&Merda,SHC,Joan’s Diary,Dagger Moth,Eco Del Baratro and many many more.Also they have a good zine to read:TRITACARNE also free to download from their web: Also some compilations with their bands as promos for your download you can find available there. It’s a back to 90’s with this label, a lot of good bands for every taste and for everybody who is into DIY scene. Although they are born in 2011 they manage to promote some nice bands and their latest release it’s a limited vinyl in 250 copies for Hate & Merda. More infos about their bands you can find on their bandcamp:

Respect for keeping DIY still alive and kickin. All the best and more releases.





Interview exclusive: FFD (punk rock-Italy)

I know FFD for some years, but this is our first interview. From Parma with love and all over the world. Punk rock, ska and oi FFD have eveything you need. C’mon kids, stand up,stand up…. Enjoy it.

Mirceone (MPTY ZINE): Ciao guys. Congrats for the Antifa Riot album, how is life?

FFD: Hi everybody, thank’s for everything…about the band is great , that’s a good time for the FFD, but about real life everyday it’s a bad time, too much work without gaining everything, it is a time of world crisis, people find it hard to get to the end of the month…anyways, let’s talk about music…

I know that you have started in 1992, for those that still don’t know you can you please make a short bio?

yes, we’ve started in ’92, we were very young, the guitar player was only 13 and me I was the older and I was only 17. At that time we were the youngest punk band in Italy and for people was fun to see 4 punk kids, drunk with crested and spiky hears, so we started to tour italy very soon…in ’94 we pressed our first demo tape and was sold out (500copies) in only one week, so in 1995 we self our 1st 7″ and for about a couple of oi!-punk distributors after a few months it was sold everywhere , from USA to Japan (obviously only in the punk shops and mail-orders ) In 1996 we started a collaboration that continues to this day with los fastidios ad we sheared a split lp „hasta la baldoria” and from there we played more than 1000gigs , in italy an in europe, we played from in all of the squats in Italy to the big outdoors summer festivals we sheared the stage with a lot’s of bands…20 years is a lot’s of time, if someone wants can find all about us in the www.

You will start a mini tour with this album. Any news and info about this?

We’ve already  done the first part of this promo tour, almost 15 gigs in all the parts of Italy during the winter, and now (6 april) we start again another mini-tour with 10 gigs during spring and summer in Italy as well.After that we would like to play some gigs in europe and we’d like to come to play in your area, we never been there.

Please make a me top 5 of your favorite bands.

It’s a very hard question, we like a lot’s of kinds of music ,from oi! to h.c.,and from skinhead reggae to northern soul but just for answer  5-Kortatu, 4-The Addicts, 3-Symarip, 2-Cock Sparrer 1-The Clash

Los Fastidios, Banda Bassotti just to name a few of the bands that have appeared with you along the time…name one band that you want to have a split ep.

Talking about dreams…The Clash

How’s the punk scene in Parma.

Not so good and not so bad, there are some good bands, but we wish there was more collaboration. It’s more than 20 years that we organize gigs and oi! punk events in Parma, but the most of the other bands wants only play and they are not available if you ask for a help


Any news with One Step Records for a new album?

May be… ANTIFA RIOT has been realized 4 month ago, and it’s our first collaboration with one step, we are finding good so we’d like continue to work with them.

Name 3 things without you can’t live


Now is the time: RedSka or Talco?

RedSka, just because we are friends, but I think that Talco is a good band as well, but not our  favorite


Thank you for the time guys, please add few words for MPTY ZINE and for our few readers:)

Good job, I think you are very important for the scene, you give the bands a chance to make known their music by investing your time and your passion

Ok, i really hope to see you live along with all my favorite bands soon, maybe in Romania or i will come to Parma. Thank you once again. If you have something to add, please fell free.

thank’s very much, I hope that some of your readers will listen our music and to come to play in Romania soon.cheers.

Mirceone vs. FFD – march 2013

Thanks to Fra (RedSka/One Step), FFD and to everybody who support independent music. Sorry for our english but we are not native:).

SOS for Gaza – compilation

MPTY ZINE promo:


SOS for Gaza is a compilation from Italy with genres such as: punk,ska,hip hop,folk-punk,edited by various artists from Italy and not only. For more infos you can visit the official web HERE

tracklist here:


ACIDEZ – Creas tu infierno
ATTACCABRIGHE – Tolleranza zero
BECAUSE THE BEAN – Indifferenza nera
BIFFERS – Falling down
BLOOD ’77 – Loyalty street
CERVELLI STANKI – L’identità del ghetto
DAILY GRIND – The best is yet to come
DCP – Storia di nessuno
DEATH ON/OFF – Justified hate
DEVASTED – Never give up
DUFF – Parla politico
ERODE – Ulrike
FFD – Antifa riot
FOREIGN LEGION – Market trader
GHETTO 84 – True underground colours punkrock
GLI ULTIMI – Giù con me
GUACAMAYA – Radio guerriglia
HARD BEAT – Non sopporto più
I MONELLI – I ragazzi del quartiere
IMPACT – Solo odio
KENNEL – In quella stanza nera
KLASSE KRIMINALE – Uniti si vince
KLAXON – E’ tutto loro quello che luccica
L’INVASIONE DEGLI OMINI VERDI – La striscia del pianto
LINEA – Non ci sarò
LUCA E I SUOI FANTASTICI AMICI – Lezioni di democrazia
MALAVIDA – Un’altra globalizzazione
NEW REAL DISASTER – We are (live)
NIDO DI VESPE – Paura e rumore
NO RELAX – Hijos de la tierra
NUCLEO TERCO – Comite de sangre de vallekas
Oi POLLOI – Ionnsaigh Adhair
PAYBACK – Redption
PEGGIO PUNX – Ci stanno uccidendo al suono della nostra musica
PUNKREAS – Questa è la storia
REAZIONE – Un popolo che non si arrende
RECYCLE BIN – Retardia
RED UNION – Not a saint
SATURN – Kiss your enemy
SOLECISMI PEDESTRI – Takers and users
SVETLANAS – Go Gagarin go
THE CROOKS – F.F.r’n’r
THE OPPRESSED – United we stand
THE STAB – Come i nostri vecchi
UGUAGLIANZA – Qualcosa cambierà
WETDOGS – Chemical laws
X ZONE – Into the wild


ONE MAN LOOP – Hypnotic Song
ACID ONE – Animali
(feat. DIVIETO)
BAD SERVICE – Big Bad Posse
(feat Soul Boy & Cripsylon)
BRAIN – Goccia
(feat. Claver Gold & Dj Lato)
CASA DEL CRUDO – E Riparto Da Qui
CASINO ROYALE – Io e la mia ombra (post RMX)
CHEF RAGOO – Ultima Stazione
CIAKA – Soldati
CLASSKILLZ – Non ci credo più
CONO D’OMBRA – Cantavamo l’inno delle barricate
DJ APOC – La tua guerra
(feat Danomay, Keera & Madd Eff)
DJ CRAZY KID & WILLIE DBZ – Fatic a p’nsà
(feat. Urto)
DJ KAMO – We Need A Change
(feat M. Jamilah, Tormento, Bobby Soul & La Decima Vittima)
DREGA – Nel buio della notte
(feat Mengamega)
ESERCITO RIBELLE – Il fuoco dei compagni 2
FUOCO NEGLI OCCHI – Il trono senza memoria
GIÀGIÀ LOVE – Vita Ccu Slang
(feat. Dj Peeticchio)
HYST – La forza che non ho
JAKA – Ipnosi
KENTO – Stalingrado
MAKKIA & BARGEMAN – Crisi Di Panico
MAXI B – L’arte del Rap
MIRKOMIRO – Che sara’
NOISE – Sonamu comu antichi
OYOSHE & DOPE ONE MC – Worldwide
PAURA – 4 My People
(feat Dj Rockdrive & Zedone)
RISCHIO – Un Altro Giorno, Un’Altra Svolta
SANGUE MOSTRO – Stamm venenn
SPNS – Esperanza
(feat Penny Dog)
SVEZ – L’occhio del grande fratello
TAYONE feat Raiz– Fa ammore cu’mme
URTO – Pens ‘o mmije
WORD MC – Kriminologi
ZATARRA – Ho paura


BANDA BASSOTTI – Amore e odio
LOS FASTIDIOS – Reggae rebels
MANOVALANZA – La città di vetro
PERSIANA JONES – Correndo solo
RUJA KARRERA – Kale gorria eta herrico matxinada
SKA-P – Intifada
SKANKING CAOS – Terra di esercitazioni
STATUTO – Mentalità di strada
THE OFFENDERS – Till i die
TREMENDE – Sottofondo
TZOKU – Nessuno mai


ASHIPE – La volante
CONTRATTO SOCIALE Gnu Folk – Una questione privata
FEV – Vilmo
FILIPPO ANDREANI – A te che dormi
GANG – Bandito senza tempo
HARD BEAT – Non sopporto più
LENNON KELLY – Motivo per restare
ORCHESTRANULATA – Walzer del matto

Interview exclusive: Epater Le Bourgeois (hc/punk-Italy)

ELB (hc/punk)

Mirceone (MPTY ZINE):Ciao Filippo. Waht’s going on?

Filippo (ELB): nothing … these days the heat is tremendous in Italy, luckily I live near the sea, and every time I go to freshen up … for the rest, normal life, work, trouble, desire to play around … I am 35 years old, and I have absolutely no desire to change my life, hardcore punk for life!

How’s wheter..drink a cold beer in the sun?

No, I’m sorry, but I do not drink alcohol for many years! This is a question that you should turn to Andrea, drummer épater The bourgeois … even the guitarist (Alessio Sketch) is not a drinker, maximum drinks a beer with friends, including the unforgettable David (known as Swiss chard)

2012 started with a Demo. How was working on it?

yes, you said well, we opened 2012 with the demo … we have not recorded all the songs we play live, it lacks the demo „Lacrime”, „Sogno”, “PHCTLV” … demo is included in the cover of a piece of Nabat, skins and Punk, one of the most glorious Italian punk band of the 80 … we could play far better on the demo, but the cold of that day (we recorded in a basement while it was snowing outside!) did not help us, Alexy was frozen! Unlike Andrew, that sounded like a rocket and it feels! In any case we hope to record an album of their own in autumn, so as to understand better how much anger we have, and how much love for this sound, punk hardcore, we feel the veins ….

Make me a short presentation and a history of band and of course the name:)

The history of the band? ah, it’s hard … joke … E.LB. means Epater Le Bourgeois, which means shocking the bourgeoisie in France, and is actually what we want from our way of being in a city much like launching maverick, especially musically … we were born 3 years ago, I met Alexis in the square during the summer, with David, and then Andrea came to play the drums, I played bass and sang (I still do!) … There have been many lineup changes, we also had a singer, Francesca, but then because of the distance (she is Pescara) has gone away,we’re friends of course still now, and we were back in 3 … then we re-arranged the songs and abiamo made more powerful, „Controllo sociale” and especially „Bastioni” and “Voghera 1983” which is dedicated to a friend of mine, are becoming more catchy songs …. however we are Philip (bass / vocals), Alexis (guitar / vocals), Andrew (drums) … for us the lyrics are very important, and in a very personal issues we face when we feel involved, such as anti-fascism, (nazi punx fuck off!) but also the boredom of our city, the desire to break all the cages, the anger! Musically, there’s no need to say we go back to the old Italian hardcore punk scene of the 80, such as Declino,Indigesti,Negazione,Bed Boys, and then the huge Black Flag, which have combined the blues ill with the speed and hypnotic rhythms, we get crazy for these things!

ELB Lanciano HC/PUNK

How is the hc/punk scene in Lanciano

The hardcore punk scene in Lanciano does not exist! There’s just us, and in fact we find it hard to find concerts in our area … near Lanciano,i nPescara, there are good bands we like very much as Straight Opposition, MUD, Keet’em Murt, Vibratacore, and sulmona groups, who play punk rock, and they came to play in Berlin in recent months … a band that I really liked were the DISSESTO of Pescara, in the 90s which still jealously guard it on 7 „…

Some concerts in near future?

We wanted to play with other groups in Padova, but I do not think we could do this on … concerts? we hope that there are many in the near future, we like to play everywhere, to meet people like us and share ideas … This scene has been dying in Italy over the years, there are now many groups and many local, but little ability, not to say that the former things are better than these, but only that the world around us has changed and has changed us. .. for the better? for the worse? I do not know, I can not give an answer … But I can say that for me is always the same hardcore punk, sweat, grit, experience with the band, spirit of sacrifice and brotherhood, have something to say, and not only watch the look or technique …

I saw the demo online…what do you think about putting music on internet. the music should be free for download or people must pay for a cd?

I think music is an expression of the feelings of the soul’s way of being angry and these things are priceless!

Top 5 of you favorite bands?

it is difficult to answer this question, I can tell you that I love Decline, Black Flag, Nerorgasmo, Nabat, and the great Indigesti … these bands have influenced me greatly, was the soundtrack of my life, both for the lyrics for the music, I like the old school sounds skinny, dark, fast, sharp, and all these bands have this tip hear sound in my opinion …

ELB-demo cover 2012

What do you do beside the band?

what we do over the band? we like to stay for Lanciano, and turn in the oldest parts of Lanciano!

Do you think Italy will win EURO?

Italy will win the Europeans? I hope so, but it’s hard … This year I celebrated the promotion of Lanciano, a historic achievement for our team, in the second division! anyway I follow football much less than before, although the red black colors of Lanciano are always part of me!

Tell me 3 words as a description of the band

So … First of all friendship, which is the most important thing … second, the anger and determination when we play, and last passion. Without these ingredients, the ELB does not exist!

Thanks for your time and if you want to add something, please feel free.

Thank you for the space that you have given us, and we hope we soon will you organize a concert in your part so we will know soon! Thanx to Davide,Rigetto,Campobasso Skinhead,and all our friends.

Mirceone (MPTY ZINE) vs. Filippo (ELB)
june 2012.

thanks to ELB and to all our friends all over the world. stay punk!

all pictures used for promo.

Guacamaya – Il Sangue E La Polvere

MPTY ZINE promo for Romania:

Guacamaya strikes back with a new material Il Sangue E La Polvere. This album to be honest it is one of the best materials that i’ve listen in last few months and i have it on repeat. 12 tracks of pure anger and revolt, a powerfull combat punk/ska witch will remaind me of another great band also from Italy that i love: Atarassia Grop. First single from this album Un’Altra Storia is about the sacrifice of partisans in their fight against racism and xenofobia. A great sound and sincere lyrics, a message in a cocktail molotov with your fist in the air, hoping for better days and deeply poetic. This album was made for friends from friends, with Enrico from Los Fastidios, Marino and Sandro Severini from The Gang or Mez from Ratoblanco. Antoher great ballad is La Taverna Del Diavolo bassed on the book of R. Trussardi witch present the story of Simone Pianetti.
So if names likes: Fabrizzio De Andre or Joe Strummer means something to you, than this album it is a must.
This album was released by One Step Records and product of: Rusty Knife Rec., Know Your Rights Rec. with a lot of support from: Toscana Punk Rock, Punk Royal, Lanterna Pirata DIY, Rockout Fascism, Radio Alternative, MPTY ZINE , Radio Boots Fanzine, Filottrano City Rockers, Kob Records, Virtus Fans Verona, Ya Basta! Milano, Venus, Maninlato, United We Stand Events and Promotion.

Interview: NH3 (ska-core Italy)

I know these guys for 3 years and are absolutely awesome, a ska-core made in Italy. I know them since they called Ammoniaka, now they change the name in NH3 and come on the road again with a new single at One Step Records.

MPTY ZINE: Hey. What’s up?

NH3: Hi guys! We’re currently recording and producing our new album! We are very proud and excited for what we have done until now and what we are still doing! We have recorded our second album during the last spring and the sound obtained is the one expected! We are currently working on other projects, including one video and the promotion of our single. So everything’s ok!

NH3 is ammonia formula … why this name change?

The passage from Ammoniaka to NH3 is meant to underline the change,naturally happened, of our sound and lyrics. The new album deals with topics in a more direct and determined way, talking about important political/social issues. Also the music itself has changed a lot. The ska/punk has left to let the coming of a faster and effective ska/core, with some influences of reggae or punk/hc as well. We enjoyed to try different sounds. The change in the name has been done in accordance with our label One Step Records and it represents also the growth of the band from a young one to a grown and mature one under all aspects.

You released the first single, are you preparing something new?

Yes, our new single is out (the first under the new name NH3). We would like to remember you that on our website and on the label one you can freely download it. For now we are focusing on the promotion of our new album (you can find the video promo on our Youtube channel Other things that are already scheduled are the release of our new album (end of the summer) and the realization of the video of our new single „Heroes without a face”.

Are you starting some gigs to promote you?

Yes, we are currently on the road from the beginning of the summer to promote the single, even if the proper tour that our agency Make a Dream is organizing will begin at the same time of the releasing of the new album.

How people have received new single? are you happy?

They are a lot of people have downloaded (for free!) the single and we are very proud of that. We are very happy about how things are going and all the compliments we are receiving from the people that have already heard the single. We are very satisfied.

What is the atmosphere at One Step Records?

At One Step Records we feel at home. We have a mutual friendly and respectful relationship with all of them. We have the opportunity to work with very kind and experienced people, that are always available to help all the bands of the rooster. From a lot of years now they have been working in the best way to promote new alternative bands, their interests and we have never doubted about their professionalism. We are very happy to release our second album again with One Step Records.

Tell me some bands that influenced NH3 sound

Very difficult question! I would say BIG D AND THE KIDS TABLE, REEL BIG FISH, CLASH, IRIE REVOLTES, RANCID, BOUNCING SOULS, FLATLINERS, REDSKA, SUBLIME, RX BANDITS, RISE AGAINST and lots of more. We are listening to different type of music, we love music and what we finally play is a mix of everything we are listening to.

Give me an example of a band that you want to do one featuring

We strongly believe on the featuring. We really appreciate the more famous band that want to help emerging bands. We have already achieve a very big dream by having in our new single the voice of Olly, ex singer of the Shandon (now lead voice in THE FIRE band). If we started to play it has been because of bands like the Shandon, and we are still very happy to hear our songs performed with other people from other bands. Our relationship with them means a lot to us. One unrealistic dream of ours would be hearing one of our song performed by Joe Strummer. We don’t know if he can hear us now, we really miss him, and he together with the clash has changed the life of at least half of the members of our band.

Where do you see NH3 in about 10 years?

I can’t answer to this question. The only thing i can say is that we will continue to work for our passion, for what is our life.

Thanks for the interview and if you want to add something please do.

I would like to thank you and the MPTY ZINE! I thank all the guys that are following you and I say hi to all of them. Let’s continue to resist, to support the music scene and to fight for what we believe. Thank you very much again for the time we were given and for your interest in us.
I would like to remember that NH3 are making their new single ” EROI SENZA VOLTO ” freely downloading on their website and on
For further information about us, visit our facebook page: and!/NH3skacore, as well as our youtube channel and our Myspace profile

Mirceone vs. NH3 – august 2011. Thanks to NH3 and to Fra from One Step Records.

Il Disagio – Il Prezzo Dell’Anima

Hanged Man Records presents Il Prezzo Dell’Anima,the new album of the bad boys from Cagliari(Sarinia), Il Disagio.The album consist of 8 soundtracks(5 in English and 3 in italian).It’s fast,furious,hard and positive.It must be listened at high volume.The band formed in 2003 in Cagliari and became a well known band in the Italian underground.The album was launched at Hanged Man Records on the 13th of September 2010 and would certainly receive a positive feedback.A combination of hardcore, thrash and punk like: Discharge, Paintrue, Negazione or Wolfbrigade.The message of the band is a sociopolitical one,against police abuse(song Cops),human ignorance,violence and war(song Child Soldier).I admit that I’m not a big fan of the thrash/punk music but this guys  surprised me in a good way,that’s why I decided to promote them.The band had many shows all over Europe and they prepare for a new tour this month.Mark 8. My personal favorite song: Stay Positive.

1. Child Soldier
2. Stay Positive
3. Lies
4. In On My Way
5. Materialismo
6. Cops
7. Matrice Individualista
8. Il Prezzo Dell’Anima